Easy Steps to Perform Wedding Make Up

A woman’s wedding day is a dream, even planned since childhood while playing swing in the playground. When that time finally arrives, a lot of things must be prepared and implemented. One of them is choosing the most perfect make-up appearance.

This requires several steps, including preparing the skin to look radiant, deciding who will apply your makeup, and time to conduct the make-up experiment itself (once or twice). It also includes activities to learn how to apply makeup properly and match skin tone. Start now by learning all aspects of achieving your ultimate goal: a shining face that fits your figure, a beautiful bride with a shy face.

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  1. Prepare the skin

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Whether you are doing it yourself or not doing bridal makeup on your wedding day, wash your face and use a mild moisturizer. Whatever your previous routine activities, now are not the time to change that. But if you exfoliate, don’t use a rough scrub. Choose a gentle skin cleanser. If you have patches of skin, wipe with Visine and do not disturb further. Your main focus is on how to make a clean and soft face palette or canvas for your makeup needs and get a beautiful and natural skin appearance


  1. Let the skin tone and barrel guide your color makeup choices
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Although there are indeed a variety of specific skin types (identified from 1-6) for dermatological purposes, cosmetic companies have and use their own terms to describe makeup colors along the skin barrel continuum. And they are not entirely consistent about this. For example, one company calls a hue or color the lightest “ivory” base hue, while another company calls the same hue as a “light” color. Thus, when thinking of a hue that matches your skin barrel, it is best to think in the context of broad coverage from “mild” to “moderate” to “deep.”

  • Your skin barrel – cool or warm – is also a factor when choosing a companion and complementary colors.
  • You can determine the skin barrel with a quick trick. Put a piece of silver and gold jewelry on the back of your hand. If the gold one seems to melt and disappear, it means your skin barrel is warm. If the silver is melting, it means your skin barrel is cool.


  1. Know that primers are very necessary

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In the interval between when you start to make up and finally say goodbye to the guests, a lot will happen. Using a primer before any makeup will guarantee facial makeup will last as long as you dance, cry, and give a high five when drinking together. You will still need extra polish once in a while, but far less often than if you don’t use a primer. Furthermore, the primer will help smooth out facial lines that are too firm, wrinkled, and also obscures open skin pores.

Use only a little after wearing a moisturizer but before applying foundation or foundation. Spread evenly on the face and eyelids to create a balanced base and survive against anything for a day.

  1. Next, apply foundation

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Foundation (Source: wikihow.com)

People often think that concealers or impersonators should be applied first before the foundation, but cosmetology experts disagree. After wearing the primer, let it dry. One of the biggest mistakes when putting on makeup is not to allow each stage of makeup to dry. If necessary, turn on the hairdryer at the coldest point and then wave it back and forth across the face before proceeding from one stage to the next.

  • If your skin barrel is cool, look for a foundation based on pink, red, or blue.
  • If it’s warm, use a foundation based on yellow or gold.
  • To determine whether the shade or pattern is correct, dip the Q-tip into the foundation and apply it to the center of the lower jaw. If he is lost, it is correct!

Apply foundation in thin layers, starting at the middle of the face and blending out with a foundation brush. Do not get a prominent line, so try to blend under the jaw and neck.

Don’t the over-apply foundation. Makeup will look too thick and tend to be smudged.


  1. Add concealer or disguise where needed

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If the foundation is intended to balance skin tone, concealers are intended to hide, such as blemishes and dark circles under the eyes. If you want to apply it before foundation, thin a large portion while pressing the foundation onto the skin. To sweep the red or dark circles, use a concealer brush to absorb the liquid concealer into the same style or a lighter level of skin tone along the part of the base. To smear black parts or dark circles, use a concealer brush to absorb the liquid concealer into the same pattern as or adjust it lighter than skin tone on all the difficult parts. Then pat the brush on your skin to distribute the concealer. If it hasn’t blended enough, dip the tip of the foam into the air and then the concealer outwards.

  • To replace blemishes or blemishes on the face, but the foundation first on top, then apply the concealer before applying it to the powder. If it still appears, add more concealer and powder. Make sure you pat the concealer on the stain. Do not rub.


  1. Placing highlighter or face line confirmation, but only thin.

Highlighter is not always suitable for people in cosmetology but must support facial features, such as making the eyes appear larger, adding sheen and displaying youth. However, if used too much, or used with flickering or glittering decoration, it will damage the results of the photo, so use it with caution and appropriately. Available in liquid and powder form.

  • If you are using a liquid one, pat it with a brush after applying the foundation in the strokes of the checkmark. Start close to the inner eye, then curl down to the nostrils, and continue to the cheekbones at the top, blending towards the temple. Do the same thing above, middle of the nose, middle of the forehead, and chin.
  • If you use a highlighter powder, use after powdering and sweeping gently under the eyebrows, thinly in the corner of the eye and the top of the cheekbones. Do not use highlighter powder under the eyes or over the mouth because it will make you sweat in that part when photographed.
  1. Determine your basic color, and proceed to the contour

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5 result

Here you have two choices. You can use blush cream or powder, or attach it based on powder. If you choose to use a powder blush, first use half a powder as a base and shine control. The true powder is better to use thin to thick. The goal is that the skin looks light, not heavy because it is too heavy. Use a medium-size brush to lightly rub on both sides of the nose and chin.

  • Then use a bronzer powder that has a level or two levels higher than your foundation, then brush for letter 3 on both sides of the face.
  • To do this, start from your hairline, moving down the side of the face, down to the cheeks, back to the side of the face, then under the jaw.
  • Prepare compact powder. There is always a shiny part of itself and must be powdered immediately before the photo session or while in the bathroom.


  1. Give the cheek gently

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You do not need to use the type of cream before using powder or type of powder afterward, wipe a thin milker. You can always add more if necessary. Use the blush on the cheeks then flatten towards the top and outside the hairline. Want you to look pink, don’t bring it there. To complete, use a small ticking motion on the cheekbones.

  • If you have soft skin tones with cool tunings, colors such as soft roses or baby pinks with a touch of mocha or beige will look good.
  • If your skin is light with a warm barrel, choose a golden apricot or light peach with a slightly pink tint.
  • If your skin has a moderate tone with a cool barrel, the color of cranberry, light raspberry or pink rose.
  • If your skin has a medium tone with a warm barrel, get soft coral colors with a slight brown or sunkissed apricot.
  • If your skin has a cool barrel, use a plum, grape and raspberry pattern.
  • If your skin is tinged with the warm barrel, enrich it with brown suede or coral color with a slight copper nuance.


  1. Give your eyes color with shadows and liners

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Marriage experts usually will not make black eyes, and pale, or eye shadow blunt to complement the color of the eyes, plus highlighter so that the eyes look big. Try brown, gray, and green eyeliner, then apply it on both eyebrows, top, and bottom, so the eyes look attractive. Use eye shadow cream type for longer and can be used on the eyelid, while the powder will be better applied to the eye crease. Use powder highlighter in the corner of the eye and under the eyebrows.

  • Regarding colors, replace bronze ones if you are green, mocha colors if your eyes are hazel, dark blue and dark brown for blue eyes, and purple and gray for brown eyes.
  • Wet the eyeliner brush in water and then apply it to eye shadow if you want to align your eyes with eye shadow.
  1. add mascara and trim your eyebrow

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At weddings, there will definitely be more than one crying event, so you are “required” to have waterproof mascara. Also, if you don’t use false eyelashes, don’t use it on your wedding day. [29] Instead, please have a good eyelash curler, volumizing and lengthening mascara. Curl the lashes before applying the two things. With your mascara, start at the root of the eye book and bend it from side to side, up to the top. Choose black, because this color is good for everyone.

  • Finish by framing the face using eyebrow powder that is slightly darker than your natural color. Brush to the natural line of eyebrows, outward direction to the corner of the eye.
  1. Make lips look good and long-lasting

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Wedding Makeup Step 11 (Source: wikihow.com)

In order for you to get your skin moisturized well before your makeup, your lips also need to be moisturized so that it doesn’t dry or crack and is stripped when colored. To avoid this, use a hydrator or lip moisturizer and let it soak for a few minutes before giving color. Choose a color that complements the blush, while still receiving these tips. Also, while many new lipsticks claim hours, going for lip color is a better bet on your wedding day.

  • If your skin has a mild tone with a cool barrel, choose a light and nude mocha nude color, also mild mauve. If your skin is warm-barreled, try the color of sand, nude peach or shell. Avoid bright pink, black bronze, and dark mocha.
  • If your skin has a moderate tone with a cool barrel, choose a rose, pomegranate or cranberry pink; if your skin has a warm tone, choose bronze, copper, and cinnamon. Avoid naked colors.
  • If your skin is tinged with cool tunings, check for raisins, grapes or pomegranate colors; if your barrel is warm, ready to use reddish color, ginger or bronze. Avoid wearing anything that leads to orange.
  • If you use a lip liner, Alaskan lip color or lipstick, if that is the case, try to get to the edge of the lips. Use the lip liner to determine the shape of your lips and keep the shape intact. Add a little color and blend the two.
  • If you want bolder or more fashionable lip colors, keep you soft and natural so that they are far from the classic impression of marriage.
  • Don’t close and smack your lips together because it will make your smile squeeze.
  • Don’t use lip gloss. First, because the effect does not last long. Second, it will leave an impression on the lips of the groom. And finally, lip gloss appears in the photo.

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