13 Best Colors Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas That You Must Know

Marriage is a special moment for every couple. To celebrate, the bride and groom will usually invite their relatives and close relatives. Friends and people in the ‘inner circle’ are special guests. Usually, the bride and groom will place the closest person as the bridesmaid. A bridesmaid is a group of women who become bridesmaids at the wedding. The bridesmaid’s task is simple, just accompany the bride or occasionally help the wedding.

Bridesmaid has existed since ancient times. Even in the Victorian Era, Queen Victoria also presented a bridesmaid in her marriage to Prince Albert. Bridesmaids will generally wear twin dresses.

Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas
Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

Dresses worn by bridesmaid is quite varied and mostly different. Usually determined according to the theme agreed or according to the agreement between the bride and the bridesmaids. But most bridesmaid, prefer to use dresses with the same material and color or style but different models.

Here we will provide some wedding bridesmaid dresses with the best colors that you can make inspiration for your wedding.

13 Best Colors Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas That You Must Know

1. Purple or Violet

Purple Dresses
Purple Dresses – pinterest.com

The word luxury and elegance seems suitable for this one color. Yes, purple or violet can also be a color inspiration for your bridesmaid’s dresses. This shirt color combination looks luxurious and is rarely worn by many people. Well, therefore if you want to look different, especially for your bridesmaids, the color purple or violet can be an inspiration for women.

2. Baby Blue or Sky Blue

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses
Blue Bridesmaid Dresses – www.rock-cafe.info.com

Blue symbolizes a soothing color. Therefore, for those who want to find safe about what colors are suitable for bridesmaids, blue can be the most appropriate inspiration. The color combination of a bridesmaid’s dress in blue when paired with a bride who uses white can be a beautiful color unit instead.

3. Beige And Black

Beige And Black
Beige And Black – pinterest.com

Who says a bridesmaid can’t wear a black dress? The proof, with black, they can still look elegant and charming on the wedding day. Especially if combined with a soft beige color.

4. Lilac Line-Up

Lillac Line Up
Lilac Line-Up – blog.myweddingreceptionideas.com

For women with a feminine style, the color game can be an added value to look beautiful. Pastel colors can be an option so that you get the total feminine look you want. Like this lilac color. You will look more feminine with bridesmaid dresses with these lilac colors.

5. Luxury Gold

Gold Bridesmaid Dress
Gold Bridesmaid Dress – essensedesigns.com

Classy, ​​you can also look charming with friends wearing gold with glitter dresses combined with details like this brocade.

6. Mixed Berries

Mixed Berries
Mixed Berries – ambon.go.id.com

Bridesmaid dresses with mixed colors like this will make your wedding more colorful and fun.

7. Navy or Navy Nautical

Navy Bridesmaid
Navy Bridesmaid – camillelavie.com
Navy Nautical
Navy Nautical – smartvaforu.com

Not always have to be the same in one model, bridesmaid clothing can also use different models. Harmony will still appear from the same color selection. You and your bridesmaid will match the nautical color.

8. Pink Bridesmaids Dressing Up

Pink Bridesmaids Dressing Up
Pink Bridesmaids Dressing Up – pinterest.com

Almost everyone likes pastel colors, soft pink one of them. As a favorite color, do not be surprised if many brides choose this color as the color choice for bridesmaids dresses that their friends will wear.

9. Red with Glitter

Red Bridesmaid Dress
Red Bridesmaid Dress – pinterest.ca.com

Red is also called a bold color. Moreover, coupled with glitter that will make your bridesmaid dresses more luxurious and elegant.

10. Rose Gold And Glitter

Rose Gold Dressed
Rose Gold Dressed – tarihistanbul.com

Rose looks like a purplish pastel pink. The color looks sweet but not too bright. That color can be the right choice for a bridesmaid who some like warm colors and others like feminine colors.

11. Rosewood

Rosewood Bridesmaid Dress
Rosewood Bridesmaid Dress – pinterest.fr.com

Rosewood is a shade that is somewhat far from what we are used to. The color is pink mixed with elements of a little brown color. Well, it looks like it will be suitable for your bridesmaid dresses later.

12. Shades of Grey

Grey Dresses
Grey Dresses – media.nusgram.com

It turns out that the gray color is very suitable for bridesmaids’ dresses. You can make a dress with lace details so your dress is more beautiful.

13. Tosca

Tosca Bridesmaid
Tosca Bridesmaid – pinterest.com

Tosca colors can be an option for bridesmaid dresses. With fabric made of T-shirt, the Tosca color that you choose can look more charming

Well, that is the idea of the bridesmaid wedding dresses with the best colors. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about the Classic Rustic Wedding Decorations Ideas visit here.

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