15 Cozy Vintage White Wedding Shoe Ideas

Every bride wants to look their best at a wedding. Starting from dresses, decorations to bridesmaid is very considered. No exception with the shoes that we will wear at the wedding later. Shoes can be accessories that describe your personality. Choosing shoes, of course, must really be considered, ranging from comfort, color to match the wedding theme.

As far as you know, the average bride wears high heels on her wedding day. This shoe model can indeed give a fairly high impression, depending on the height of the right. However, for some couples, this type of shoe might be avoided because the bride could be uncomfortable with high heels or don’t want to be too high. You can try flat shoes to make you more feminine. Flat shoes that suit your wedding theme.

If you choose vintage as a wedding decoration, then don’t forget to choose vintage-style shoes. Vintage is a fashion that was adapted in the era of the 20s to 60s. The vintage style accentuates the impression of graceful, feminine, as well as elegant for the wearer. The use of colors is even softer or pastel colors such as salted egg green, light blue, orange, yellow, red, pink, and aquamarine. The vintage style also uses types of motifs such as polka-dotted, floral, to tartan.

Vintage White Wedding Shoe Ideas
Vintage White Wedding Shoe Ideas

You can choose vintage shoes with lace decoration, floral patterns or plaid, bridal shoes that will make you look more feminine. Shoe colors like white or ivory white with lace trimmings will make you look like a royal princess. Although you can choose wedding shoes with other colors, white is more popular and matches vintage style. Besides that, the white color also accentuates elegance and fits in with elegant and feminine vintage styles.

Well, here we give some ideas of vintage style wedding shoes with beautiful white.

15 Cozy Vintage White Wedding Shoe Ideas

Amazing Heels
Amazing Heels – cz.pinterest.com
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Beautiful Heels – praise.store.com
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Bridal Shoes – theinspiration-studio.com
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Shoe Bride – pinterest.ph.com
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Shoe Women – m.dhgate.com
Vintage High Heels
Vintage High Heels – pinterest.dk.com
Vintage Wedding Heels
Vintage Wedding Heels – fr.weddbook.com
Wedding Flower and Shoes
Wedding Flower and Shoes – pinterest.se.com
Wedding Heels
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Wedding High Heels
Wedding High Heels – imall.com
Wedding Shoes White Lace
Wedding Shoes White Lace – apaplaini.org.com
White Lace
White Lace – win.radio-sauvagine.com
Women Heels
Women Heels – www.harpendenschoolofmotoring.com

Those are some vintage style wedding shoe ideas with white colors that can make your wedding perfect. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Best Colors Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas visit here.

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