7 Unique Wedding Cake Design Inspiration That Will Become A Trend 2020

Wedding Cake Design
Wedding Cake Design

Ahead of the wedding, the bride and groom’s family and family are very busy with various preparations that should be prepared carefully. Ranging from decoration, makeup, fashion, to wedding cakes.

Wedding cakes are one important element in a wedding. Like the bridal dresses design to the interior theme decoration of the party, the wedding cake design is also an indication of the taste and style of the bride and groom in celebrating a happy day, one of the important moments and a great day in the journey of life. Therefore, the design of the wedding cake must be prepared as well as possible.

Like some wedding cake ideas with the following unique designs.

7 Unique Wedding Cake Design Inspiration That Will Become A Trend 2020

1. Aquarium Wedding Cake

Aquarium Design
Aquarium Design – pinterest.at.com

One of the unique wedding cake designs that you can choose from is the aquarium design. Especially if you and your partner really like fish. You can add accessories that can certainly be eaten in the form of fish, stones, coral and other aquarium trinkets to make wedding cakes come alive.

2. Calligraphy Wedding Cakes

Calligraphy – chicvintagebrides.com

Such beautiful calligraphy writing can also be applied to wedding cakes. Not only fonts in the form of calligraphy, but many other font choices can also be selected to adjust the theme. Usually, the writing poured on the wedding cake is left to the bride and groom who wants to express the contents of their hearts both.

3. Fish Tank Wedding Cake

Fish Tank
Fish Tank – photos-of.net.com

This one design is quite unique because it is decorated with living flowers, fruit, to edible gold powder which is certainly common. You can even insert a small fish tank right in the middle of the cake as a decorative accent. Unique and definitely attracts a lot of attention.

4. Geometric Wedding Cakes

Geometric Design
Geometric Design – pinterest.ie.com

Currently, many geometric themes are popular than decoration themes, even today there are wedding cakes with unique shapes such as geometric shapes. With a hexagonal base, this wedding cake is added with various small prisms as a component of cake decoration. This cake is so juxtaposed with geometric decoration as well.

5. Handpainted Wedding Cakes

Handpainted – pinterest.com.au.com

Flower-shaped hand paintings seem to give a romantic look, which is also supported by a soft pink base. You can add a gold color that emphasizes the luxury interspersed with flower details or other items flanking each layer of cake.

6. Marble Wedding Cakes

Marble Design
Marble Design – pinterest.co.uk.com

This wedding cake takes the basis of a marble pattern with abstract curves as if to show its own beauty. So much to steal the attention to be applied to invitation cards to wedding cakes that are already pretty enough without the need for additional details.

7. Music Wedding Theme

Music Design
Music Design – pinterest.nz.com

Using music as the main theme in a wedding cake is one of the creative and unusual ideas. The cake will look unique and different from wedding cakes in general.

Well, that is some unique wedding cake designs that you can try. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Women’s Black Wedding Dress Ideas visit here.

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