Unique Valentine Gifts But Memorable For Your Girlfriend That Are Guaranteed To Make Her More Loving You

Valentine’s Day is a good time for you to show that you really love your girlfriend. Because maybe you don’t have time to show affection another day. Either because you are busy or indeed you are a long-distance relationship so you don’t have the chance to show your love.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day not only pleases our girlfriend’s feelings but also brings several positive effects. We will remember the importance of consistent efforts to maintain relationships with your loved ones. Why is that? Because we will try our best to give the most special gifts and surprises on this special day.

Unique Valentine Gifts But Memorable
Unique Valentine Gifts But Memorable

Valentine’s Day is usually synonymous with giving a gift or doing activities together with your partner to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Chocolate and flowers are gifts that are usually given on Valentine’s Day. But for this year you can celebrate gifts for your girlfriend by giving you sweet gifts that are simple but memorable, so you will always be remembered.

Gifts or surprises that you can give do not have to be expensive, you can give a gift that is simple but still sweet, besides that you can also give a sweet surprise that makes it memorable. So maybe he will never forget you.

Well, we will help provide unique but sweet ideas for you who want to give a simple but memorable gift for your girlfriend. In addition, we will also give a surprising idea that you can try during valentine.

Unique Valentine Gifts But Memorable For Your Girlfriend That Are Guaranteed To Make Her More Loving You

Valentine's Gift
Valentine’s Gift – travelersjournal.co.uk.com

1. Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle
Message in a Bottle – sportsmansinn.ca.com

Message in the bottle is a bottle filled with a message to be conveyed. You can write a romantic message on it so that your girlfriend is happier and loves you. You can also convey what you want to do with your partner in the future, a more serious relationship, setting dreams together, planning for the future together.

2. Makeup and Cosmetics Equipment

Cosmetic – emaze.com

For women, appearance is number one. Giving cosmetic gifts can be a gift choice for your dream woman. You can give a set of makeup tools that she is dreaming of. In addition, you can also provide other beauty products such as aromatherapy candles, body scrubs, body lotions, etc. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as you give it with a sincere heart.

3. Perfume

Beautiful Parfume
Beautiful Parfume – polbaril.ca.com

Perfume is a must-have item for women. You can give perfume by checking the couple’s favorite perfume brands. From there you will know what type of perfume is his favorite. Give perfume in accordance with the character of the couple. Every woman has their own character as some of them like perfume with a fragrance that seems sweet, gentle and elegant, but there are also some women who prefer perfume with a fragrance like a manly man.

4. Pop up Balloon Messages

Pop Up Ballon Message
Pop Up Ballon Message – theapollobox.com

You can also give your girlfriend a Valentine gift in the form of a pop-up balloon message. You tie some of the balloons that have been filled with helium gas and put them in a fruit box. In the balloon ties, you can add a greeting card containing a romantic message for her. So when your girlfriend opens the box, the series of balloons will bounce up and show the greeting card to your girlfriend. The sweet surprise will make her feel touched.

5. Handmade bookmarks

Handmade Bookmarks
Handmade Bookmarks – pinterest.com

For girlfriends who like to read, of course, bookmarks can be a gift that she wants, especially if it’s a bookmark you made. So that the bookmark can be a unique valentine gift, you can make it yourself as creatively as possible. Surely this gift will always be remembered and remembered every time she reads her favorite book.

6. Acrylic lamps

Ied Light Acrylic
Ied Light Acrylic – beads.us.com

Lights that can light up beautifully can be the next unique valentine’s gift. Even better if you choose a lamp made of acrylic material. Acrylic material is transparent and looks like glass so it can sparkle beautifully. But no need to worry because even though it looks like glass but acrylic is not easily broken and cracked. In this acrylic lamp, you can decorate it using a photo of you so that when he turns it on, he can see your intimacy shining brightly. Or, you can also decorate the lights with sweet words or messages of love according to your wishes. When turned on at night, don’t be surprised if she is a woman who can’t sleep because she keeps thinking about you.

7. Memory Box or Scrap Frame

Book Pictures
Book Pictures – hergamut.in.com

A memory box can be a very sweet romantic gift. All of your memories are well preserved. but this memory box needs to be prepared in advance. You can start storing small things like cinema tickets, photo boxes, love letters, or other small notes. Your partner will be deeply moved by your intentions and sincerity in preparing gifts for her.

Scapframe Couple
Scrapframe Couple – bridestory.com

In addition, Scrap Frame or photo album can also be an attractive choice. You can capture the moment of togetherness in one photo album. You can also add a small note to each photo. Your partner will be very moved to remember the memories that have been passed together.

8. Sweet Cactus

Beautiful Cactus
Beautiful Cactus – yandex.com

Giving flowers during valentine is common, but you can replace it with others like giving cactus. Cactus symbolizes the power of your love. Caring for the cactus is also easy. If you give a cactus to a partner, it is hoped that she will take care of women like looking after you.

9. Homemade Foods

Cute Food
Cute Food – shopfooddistrict.com

Unique valentine gifts can also be your girlfriend’s favorite food, you know. Who doesn’t like to be given their favorite food? Especially if you make it yourself by a loved one. Surely your intentions and efforts to please him will make her feel touched and happy. For example, you can make her a favorite cake or cake for your girlfriend who likes snacking. You can make it yourself by using the chocolate that she likes the most. Or you can also make simple food but you decorate it into flowers or hearts to make it more romantic. To make it even sweeter, you can add a message or text along with the food. For example, you write down that the ingredients you need to make food are two teaspoons of homesickness or ten drops of love. The food can be more special and tastes good right? If you want to make something that is not a dessert, you can also ask for suggestions or recipes for your boyfriend’s favorite foods from the mother of your girlfriend.

10. Spa Treatment Sets

Set Perawatan Tubuh
Set Perawatan Tubuh – cudo.com.au.com

Chocolate as Valentine’s gift is stale, but what about chocolate in the form of body care? Sounds unique and anti-mainstream, right? Chocolate does contain antioxidants which are good for the skin and can make us feel relaxed and relaxed. Because of its good properties for the body, it’s no wonder various salons use chocolate as a body care ingredient. You can provide body care equipment made from chocolate, such as chocolate bath soap, chocolate scrubs, chocolate lotions, chocolate masks, or chocolate scrubs. In addition to making her skin more fresh and bright, your girlfriend will also feel relaxed and happy when using it because the scent of chocolate smells smelled by her.

Well, those are some unique ideas for you who want to give a valentine gift to your partner. In addition to giving gifts, it helps you also while expressing your feelings, so that your relationship will be more lasting in the future. Express your feelings sincerely and don’t forget to say that you love them. So, how about guys ?? If you want to read another article from us about Beautiful Nail Art Ideas visit here.

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