Tropical Wedding Invitation Color Combination Ideas For Your Summer Wedding

Wedding Invitation Color Combination
Wedding Invitation Color Combination

Choosing an invitation card can be fun, especially if it’s done with our partners. Exchanging ideas and sharing what they want in a wedding will be a beautiful moment for the couple. Choosing a wedding invitation card is not as easy as we imagine, especially if it’s included in choosing the color of the wedding invitation.

The color of your wedding invitation must represent and evoke the mood you want for your wedding. Therefore, choosing an invitation card must be carefully considered. But you don’t need to worry, we will give you some ideas about color combinations for invitation cards for those of you who are organizing weddings this summer.

Tropical Wedding Invitation Color Combination Ideas For Your Summer Wedding

1. Baby Blooms

Baby Blooms
Baby Blooms –

Pink and blue can brighten all designs. You can add traditional wedding design elements such as floral designs. With a floral design makes a colorful invitation that is sweet.

2. Bounty Fresh

Bounty Fresh
Bounty Fresh –

Classic complementary combinations like orange and green are guaranteed to match. You can combine it with cream colors from roses and ivory.

3. Bubblegum Ice Cream

Bublegum Ice Cream
Bubblegum Ice Cream –

Bubblegum Ice Cream gives a feminine feel to your wedding invitation. You can combine it with paintings of roses, calligraphy, or other pastel colors.

4. Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh
Farm Fresh –

If you have a wedding on a beautiful summer day, match the design perfectly with the season using the right green and pink.

5. Lilac Line-Up

Lilac Line Up
Lilac Line-Up –

For women with a feminine style, the color game can be added value to look beautiful. Pastel colors can be an option so you get the total feminine look you want. Like these lilac colors.

6. Limpet Shell

Limpet Shell
Limpet Shell –

Aqua blue gradations like Limpet Shell feel fresh to be included as an approved color for wedding invitation designs. Alloy colors with other pastels such as pink will create a soft feel.

7. Pastel Peach

Pastel Peach
Pastel Peach –

Summer is synonymous with bright colors, therefore this one color is perfect for a wedding color theme. The soft colors of the peaches and pears will evoke dreams, such as garden weddings and intimate gatherings.

Those are some color combination ideas for wedding invitations that you can try. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about the Luxury Wedding Cake Design Inspiration visit here.

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