The Trick to Make Eyebrows Without Complicated

When dressing up, what are the most difficult stages for you? If forming your eyebrows is your answer, this article will help you get the perfect eyebrow shape. Only with 7 stages, you can make eyebrows with results that look more natural.

You who choose not to pull out eyebrow hair can shape your eyebrows this way. Come on, while reading, while trying!

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STAGE 1: Trim your eyebrows

Want thick, thin, or even bald, eyebrow hair must be trimmed before you start forming eyebrows. Prepare a special eyebrow brush and comb it to the bottom. Remember, to the bottom yes. In this way, the outer part of your eyebrows is clearly visible and makes it easy for you to frame your upper eyebrows.

STAGE 2: Determine the Arch

Intrigued by the trick of the makeup artist making a symmetrical curve between the left and right eyebrows? First, determine the point of the curve. This is also done using the formula yes, not by guessing. Take a makeup brush or pen, position it next to the nostrils. See the scheme below for the formula to determine the base of the eyebrows, the highest arch, and the tip of the eyebrows.

STAGE 3: Shape eyebrows by making a frame

After knowing the top of the brow arch, use the eyebrow pencil that you normally use. Shine the outer edges of the upper eyebrows slowly. Make sure the color of the eyebrow pencil used is the right color. When the top is finished, brush your eyebrows to the top again to make it easier for you to frame the bottom brows.

STAGE 4: Fill in the Brow Inside

To fill the inside of the eyebrows, you can use the same pencil. However, the best results can be obtained if you use eyebrow products in the form of gel or pomade. In addition to the color that is more attached, this type of eyebrow product will give the illusion of thicker eyebrow hair. At the base, make sure you fill it slowly by shading it towards the top (following the direction of growing hair).

STAGE 5: Use a Foundation to Make the Brow Base Softer

This is an unknown stage when going to make eyebrows, especially for those who are just learning to dress up. The base of the eyebrows is sometimes shaded too thickly, so the results appear less natural. In short, your eyebrows are like Sin-chan’s eyebrows! Thickness from base to tip. To avoid this, make sure the direction of your shading is correct (see point 4) and wipe the foundation with a brush around the base of the eyebrows. The foundation used was thin. Use a makeup brush with a circular motion.

STAGE 6: Give Illusions of Eyebrow Hair

Eyebrow hair that has been filled with gel/pomade will usually bend or stick to the skin. If you have eyebrow mascara (better if it’s clear), gently wipe it to give an illusion of eyebrow strands. Or, you can use eyebrow products that have wax. Use a spoolie and comb your eyebrow hair in the direction of growth. This is a trick for you with thin or bald eyebrows. However, for those of you who already have thick eyebrows, this trick is also useful for making eyebrows look fresh and not dead-matte.

STAGE 7: Solve With Concealer

Concealer is not only useful for covering stains. Concealer is also useful for making curved eyebrow lines look neat. For those of you who don’t pluck your eyebrows, this concealer is also useful for disguising eyebrows that grow outside the brow frame that is made. It’s good, the concealer used is a liquid or cream concealer to make it easier to blend. Use special brushes for neater results.

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Eyebrows (Source:
Eyebrows Models
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How? It’s easy to make eyebrows without having to paint-erase-paint again for hours in front of a mirror? With these 7 stages, the perfect eyebrows of your dreams can come true even though your brow hair isn’t as dense as the Delevingne Way. Don’t be sad if you fail the first attempt at making eyebrows. Continue to practice so that you are better! But remember, also use the appropriate product. Check the slides below for our recommended products and click on a photo to buy it. Have a good practice 🙂

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