Summer Street Outfit That Makes You More Confident

Street clothes are one of the popular styles lately, this is because street clothes might be more comfortable to wear because they are simpler.

Until now, street clothing is usually dominated by dark colors because street clothing is usually used in winter. However, sometimes there are street clothes that are suitable for summer and spring, which usually use flowers that are dominated by bright colors.

Well, there are some simple street clothing references that are suitable for summer, especially for you women.

1. White Shirt With Jeans Long Pants

Style Chic Jeans Shirt Style
Style Chic Jeans Shirt Style –


This year’s denim style is a great style choice. The style is dominated by clothes made of jeans. Denim clothes suitable for summer are white shirts combined with jeans in dark blue or black. for some women, it may look slimmer because jeans make their feet a bit flatter. but some women combine a white shirt with short jeans.

2. Clothing with Florals

Floral Summer Dress id pinterest com
Floral Summer Dress –

Generally, florals are widely used in summer dresses. this makes you feel more cheerful and refreshed. Combine with shoes or footwear that are also brightly colored like sky blue, orange or yellow. but do not hesitate if you combine flower motif clothing with boots because it will make you more have the impression of being destroyed but still fresh.

3. Channel shirts

Summer women Shirt newshindi24 com
Summer women Shirt –

Wearing a striped motif shirt is a great choice for those of you who want to look more relaxed, long-sleeved striped shirt combined with light blue jeans.

4. Jeans Skirt Jeans

Denim skirt model glamradar com
Denim skirt model –

Skirts usually work well with short or long plain white tops, or can also be combined with blue shirts and shirts with other bright colors

5. Long Shirt

T Shirt long woman
T Shirt long woman –

Long shirts will be more suitable for use with jeans in winter. but long-sleeved shirts can also be used in summer or spring combined with long jeans or short jeans.

6. Bohemian Style Clothing

Bohemian Style Clothing in pinterest com
Bohemian Style Clothing –

Bohemian style is a unique look because it is a blend of several styles. The color combination in bohemian clothing can accentuate the nuances of art.

That’s some Summer Street Outfit that you can try girls. Do not hesitate to try clothes that you feel comfortable.


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