Stay Stylish With 7 Summer Men’s Hairstyles Ideas For Your Vacation Trip

Summer Men's Hairstyles Ideas
Summer Men’s Hairstyles Ideas

In summer, you need a style that can keep you comfortable and look perfect in hot weather. One style that you should pay attention to is the hairstyles. Where hairstyle during summer vacation is very important. This is because, for men, hairstyle becomes something that must be highlighted. Men really like their stylish hairstyles to attract women’s attention.

As some of the following hairstyles that are very suitable for you to use during the summer for holidays.

Stay Stylish With 7 Summer Men’s Hairstyles Ideas For Your Vacation Trip

1. Comb-Over

Comb over Short Haircut
Comb-over Short Haircut –

Comb-Over is a short male haircut whose arrangement tends to be a one-sided or split edge style. Formerly this hairstyle tends to be used by adult men because this hairstyle is the most classic hairstyle. But now there are more and more variations on modern hairstyles and combing. No wonder now that this style is actually popular among teenagers or young men. Especially in the summer.

2. Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk Haircut
Faux Hawk Haircut –

Fauxhawk is a hair model that looks like the mohawk model that was famous in the 80s, but fauxhawk appears more modern and soft. This haircut is usually a little short or even bald/bald fade around the ears. The more up, the longer the hair will be. This model can be combined with detailed clipper lines that are similar to horizontal lines along with bald/fade areas. This cut is suitable for thick, straight hair, too wavy hair. If you have curly hair, you can use a vise.

3. Pompadour Fade

Pompadour Fade
Pompadour Fade –

Fade cuts are a classic haircut technique and gained popularity from the 1950s. You can easily combine them with various hairstyles, one of which is a short pompadour hairstyle for men.

4. Short Neat

Short Neat
Short Neat –

Short and neat hairstyles are the simplest haircuts if you are lazy to think of hairstyles that are too detailed. This style is the simplest style that you can use in the summer to avoid it getting hot and hot. You can use Pomade to keep your hair neat and look more handsome.

5. Short Slicked Back

Short Slick Back
Short Slick Back –

Short Slicked Back becomes a timeless hairstyle. This style gives the impression of masculine and really bad boy impression. It looks simple with a short hairstyle that is combed backward smoothly.

6. Soft Side Part

Soft Side Part
Soft Side Part –

This hairstyle is commonly known as side split or striped edge. This model is very common in the world and still exists today. Professionals generally use this haircut because it looks neat and does not seem strange.

7. Undercut

Undercut –

The undercut is a classic hairstyle because it has been popular since 1920. This hairstyle reappeared in the 1980s when the bowl cut was popular again. Over the times, short undercut hairstyles have many variations inspired by classic hairstyles. An undercut is a men’s hairstyle with the top of the hair longer than the back and sides of the head. Thin hair varies, ranging from short to thinning gradually.

Those are some hairstyles that you can make a choice for your summer hairstyle. Hopefully inspire.  If you want to read another article from us about Summer Fashion Color Trend 2020 visit here.

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