Look Colorful And Glowy With Summer Makeup Trend for 2020

Sunrise Makeup
Summer Makeup Trend for 2020

Fashion trends have always been popular. Starting from outfits, shoes, hairstyles, and nails art to makeup has always been a booming thing. Moreover, makeup that always has its own style to display an unusual impression. Even now each season has its own characteristics. Like summer makeup.

Summer is the right moment to wear bold makeup with bright colors. You can wear certain makeup styles to make it look more attractive. Here we summarize some makeup trends that are predicted to be popular in 2020, now you can apply them to your face during the summer.

Look Colorful And Glowy With Summer Makeup Trend for 2020

1. Bold And Bright Blush On

Bold Blush On
Bold Blush On – pinterest.co.uk.com
Bright Blush On
Bright Blush On – tartecosmetics.com

To produce a bold and bright look on your cheeks use colors like peach or chocolate so they don’t seem excessive.

2. Cleopatra Eyeliner

Cleopatra Eyeliner
Cleopatra Eyeliner – anna-key.ru.com

To get eye makeup that looks more dramatic, the use of eyeliner certainly should not be missed. This time, you can try the long, thick wing-shaped eyeliner like Cleopatra’s style if you want a different look.

3. Crystal Accents On The Eye

Crystal Accent On Eyes
Crystal Accent On Eyes – pinterest.ru.com

If you want to appear with different makeup. Try adding crystal accents around the eyelids. Your eyes will look brighter and look very charming.

4. Eyeshadow Glitter

Eyeshadow Glitter
Eyeshadow Glitter – stokfiyat.me.com

Glitter is very often used to perfect eye makeup. With glitter eyeshadow, your eyes look more attractive. Besides being used with eyeshadow, you can also use glitter on the cheeks, lips and collarbone area on your cheeks.

5. Glossy And Slick Lips

Glossy And Slick Lips
Glossy And Slick Lips – tr.pinterest.com

If you usually use nude lipstick with a matte finish that is your favorite, now is the time for you to try a lipstick with a shiny or glossy finish. This match is paired with eye makeup with neon colors. If you want a bolder look, use plum or berry-colored lip tint.

6. Neon Colors

Neon Makeup
Neon Makeup – pinterest.ru.com

Bright pink, Tosca, sky blue, dark blue and firm purple, and bright yellow can be a choice of neon colors for your eye makeup. Neon colors indeed seem to be a trend in 2020. Try using these colors as eyeshadow or lipstick.

7. Pink Monochrome Makeup

Pink Monochrome
Pink Monochrome – dailynewsview.com

Monochrome makeup is the current trend, especially using pink. So, use eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, and pink lipstick. Besides looking feminine, you will also look elegant.

8. Silver Touch

Silver Makeup
Silver Makeup – models.com

Bronze colors such as shiny brown or gold are usually the choice to get an elegant glamorous appearance. But you can replace it with silver. You will get beautiful and charming eye makeup.

9. Sunrise Eyes

Sunrise Makeup
Sunrise Makeup – www.pinterest.ru.com

To show the impression of a strong summer you can try bright colors like yellow on the eyelids are no less cool. Besides looking edgy, this one makeup style will also make the appearance more charming.

Those are some of the 2020 summer makeup trends that you can try. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Ballerina Nail Art for Summer visit here.