8 Summer Fashion Color Trend 2020 You Must Know

Summer Fashion Color Trend 2020
Summer Fashion Color Trend 2020

Fashion color trends become one of the things that must be considered. Usually, the color trends develop according to the season. Like a hot summer trend with bright colors. The striking color trend has become a trend lately and will undoubtedly develop in 2020.

Next year’s color combination is not expected to be too different from this year, but there is an update with a young color that creates a combination of many colors so as to create an energetic and optimistic style. As some summaries from you about the color that is predicted to be a color trend for this summer of 2020.

8 Summer Fashion Color Trend 2020 You Must Know

1. Biscay Green

Biscay Green
Biscay Green – pinterest.com

Last spring, lime green or neon green dominated clothing trends. In 2020, the green that appears will be a cooler and refreshing turquoise. This color is one of the unexpected colors but appears as dominant in summer. If you want to try this Biscay green or turquoise green, you can combine it with pink to make your appearance brighter and more attractive.

2. Chive Green

Chive Green
Chive Green – mykinglist.appspot.com

Chive green is another green color appearing in the summer of 2020, but the difference is that this chive green gives a darker, richer, and herbs green like a leaf color. Chive actually gives a neutral hue and is easily combined with a number of other colors. This chive green will make the appearance more luxurious and elegant when combined with leather. You can combine this dark green color with turmeric yellow for a more unique and attractive appearance.

3. Coral Pink

Coral Pink
Coral Pink – giostylebook.blogspot.com

Coral pink may be heard more often for the color of makeup that has been the trend for the past few years. However, in 2020 you will find this color in summer clothes. Combine the warmth of a coral or peach combined with smooth pink color. This soothing feminine impression will be very suitable to wear on events day and night. However, for the night will be more elegant if you combine the color of coral pink with textured fabrics such as silk, sequins, or tulle.

4. Faded Denim

Faded Denim
Faded Denim – Stories.com

Faded denim is the color of light-colored jeans if the blue color of jeans can match any color, so does the color of faded denim. This blue color can be combined like jeans usually. This calm blue hue provides a feeling of comfort and ease and can look casual when combined with bold and bright colors.

5. Flame Scarlet

Flame Scarlet
Flame Scarlet – pinterest.co.uk.com

Flame Scarlet is a blend of red with a hint of orange. By using this color, will give the impression of bold, bright, warm, and energetic. This blazing red hue also exudes confidence and can no doubt attract the attention of your surroundings. You can use gold-colored accessories such as long necklaces or use a black belt to neutralize the flame scarlet color combination so that it doesn’t seem excessive.

6. Marigold

Marigold – theincogneatist.com

Marigold is not an ordinary golden yellow color. Marigold color refers to the yellow which is ‘dark’ but given a touch of pastel. The color comes from marigolds or so-called miter flowers. This yellow color also does not mean metallic yellow or even neon, this color can be easily combined with neutral colors like white, black, gray, brown or even brick red.

7. Neon Color

Neon – pinterest.co.uk.com

This sparkling bright color is able to give a cheerful impression full of passion, add enthusiasm and make you look fresh all day. Although many people avoid this color because looks tacky, neon colors will become the favorite fashion color in 2020.

8. Saffron

Saffron – pinterest.nz.com

Saffron color is a combination of bright colors from yellow and orange, this color combination gives a bold touch to the style of your clothes. In addition, saffron colors display an optimistic view for those who use it. To make the appearance more attractive, you can use this saffron color from head to toe. Use a yellow bandana with attractive motifs, and matching heels.

Well, those are some of the 2020 summer fashion color trends that you should know about. So that you do not choose the wrong color outfits that will be used during the summer. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Sneakers Models That Will Become 2020 Shoe Trends visit here.

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