5 style trends using denim jackets

A denim jacket can be given has become its own culture in dressing. Outerwear has been the pinnacle of clothing choices from the time of the Cowboys in America to the current millennium era. Until whenever denim jacket or jeans jacket will never go out of style.

The following are some examples of how you can discuss denim jackets with different types of clothing choices that you might want.

Memadukan jaket denim dengan kaos putih hasil

1. combined with chino pants

hasil chino
chinos (Source: review.bukalapak.com)

Using a jeans jacket as a boss is a safe and strong choice. But did you know that using denim as a boss and subordinate is a fashion field that can invite lots of questions and laughter from around? The same goes for the home.
In this problem, chino pants appear. Chinos pants come as a savior that gives a formal and smart aura, but still friendly. Cotton-twill compatible materials that provide chino pants have been widely used in military activities, so the strength is not in doubt.
Although available in many colors, beige or khaki is the best choice to be combined with the blue color of your denim jacket.

2. Combine a Denim with a white shirt

Memadukan jaket denim dengan kaos putih hasil
Denim Jacket (Source: review.bukalapak.com)

Denim jackets and white shirts may be the classic duo in dress, famous and respected, and no one dares to mess with this pair. This package is a definite choice.
This fresh stubborn appearance may not be suitable for everyone, but if you manage to use it properly, then we can be sure where the views of the people around you will be directed.

3. Combine denim jacket with black jeans

Memadukan jaket denim dengan celana jeans hitam hasil
Black Jeans (Source: review.bukalapak.com)

Full body denim can be a fashion tragedy if you apply it wrong. According to Martin Sheen, the key to using denim for superiors and subordinates is to pay attention to the contrast in the denim color choices you wear.
That’s why black skinny denim pants will match your favorite denim jacket. The combination of black and blue is a clear statement in the taste of the dress.

4. Combine denim jacket with indigo jeans

Memadukan jaket denim dengan celana jeans hasil indigo
Indigo jeans (Source: review.bukalapak.com)

This one combination choice might be a bit more difficult to apply than black denim. Once again, the key is to pay attention to contrast. Although the color difference you wear is very thin, you can outsmart it by using clothes or shoes that provide additional contrast in your appearance.

5. Combine Denim Jacket with Hoodie

Memadukan jaket denim dengan hasil hoodie
hoodie (Source: review.bukalapak.com)

The hoodie is known as a denim jacket on weekends while holding a little cold air. However, if you want to support, you are among those who want to know what you want.
Although the application looks easy, it is agreed to choose a hoodie with a neutral color. Plain hoodies are better. Of course, you don’t want to look too bright with lively denim patterns and eye-catching hoodie colors.
What alloys attract your attention? Try applying together, yes!

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