Street Style Outfit to Make it Look More Cool and Fashionable

Maybe some of you don’t really know what street style is. This is a fashion style that was popularized by fashion bloggers as a place to express style freedom in dressing. Now, street style has been recognized by the world as a good fashion reference that can be copied.

This month, spring style has started to appear along with the spring fashion shows in various fashion cities in the world. This year’s spring outfit is still dominated by dark colors and some floral designs as a symbol of spring. Some are still wearing warm sweaters, remembering that the temperature in spring still leaves cold. Very suitable for you to imitate because even in our country it is the rainy season which sometimes makes the temperature cold.

hasil whitetop

  1. Whitetop

Plain white tops are selected in the street style this season. In contrast to winter which tends to be heavy, in spring many choose outfits that are simple but still stylish to look at. The key is the selection of attractive patterns as subordinates. Or wear accessories that are able to steal the eye but with colors that are not too flashy. Tribal print and animal print can be your choice in combining it with your plain white top. Do not hesitate too to wear your reliable sneakers to complete your appearance.

  1. Jeans

For those of you who already have some fashion items made from jeans, don’t worry about being outdated, because this year denim also seems to be a capable choice of style. Seen from some people who wore this outfit at New York Fashion Week some time ago.

Do not hesitate to wear your denim items combined with subordinates or brightly colored coats to make your appearance so eye-catching. Not to forget also jeans with frog pants or overalls that were popular in the 90s also seem to be popular again this year. Try to check your closet, still, have these frog pants or not?

  1. Pakaian Bunga

For those of you who admire floral motifs, this year you can still use them to enhance your appearance. Do not hesitate to wear bright colors so that it seems more playful and cheerful. Not only that, the tribal motif is still the chosen motif this season. No more thinking twice about taking this motif in the closet or buying it at your favorite clothing store.

A cloudy and rainy day does not mean to prevent you from looking stylish.

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hasil whitetop

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