10 Cool Sneakers Models That Will Become 2020 Shoe Trends For Your Stylish Look

Sneakers Models
Sneakers Models

Sneakers are shoes designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise. But nowadays it is also widely used for daily activities. Sneakers explain types of shoes with flexible soles made of rubber and the upper part of leather, synthetic or fabric. Historically, sneakers have developed along with material technology that has increasingly developed. Currently, many sneakers are developed with materials that are tailored to the needs, even the design of these shoes is also experiencing rapid development.

In addition, the model of sneakers is also very diverse. As some of the following sneakers models that are predicted to be a trend in 2020, here is our summary.

10 Cool Sneakers Models That Will Become 2020 Shoe Trends For Your Stylish Look

1. Animal Print Motifs Sneakers

Animal Print Sneakers
Animal Print Sneakers – pinterest.ru.com

One of the timeless motives mentioned is still going to be a trend in 2020 is animal print. Because the motives that have impressed statements, so combined with a plain dress model is not a problem

2. Athletic Kicks

Athletic Kicks
Athletic Kicks – clouty.ru.com

These sneakers with ultra boost technology are perfect for sports fans. In addition to ultra boost technology that makes these sneakers very light and comfortable, the model is also suitable for use when dressing semi-formal.

3. Colorblock Sneakers

Colors Block Sneakers
Colors Block Sneakers – pinterest.com.au.com

Shoes with monochrome colors like black and white are often loved by the millennials to make them look more fashionable. However, now color block shoes have succeeded in shifting the existence of monochrome color sneakers to the taste of choice shoes. Sneakers with colors that don’t match or color block are also fashion items that are suitable for you who like to appear bold or colorful.

4. High-Top Sneakers

High top Sneakers
High-top Sneakers – clothbase.com

For those of you who like to model shoes high above the ankles, this type of shoe is suitable for you. Usually, this type of shoe made from the canvas so comfortable when worn. High-Top Sneakers that will be trending in 2020 can make an appearance look edgy. You can look effortless but still stylish just by wearing these high-top sneakers.

5. Knit Sneakers

Knit Sneakers
Knit Sneakers – modesens.com

These sneakers are in demand by teenagers because of their cool models, cool materials, and lightweight. The front part of the model is rather long and sharp making this type of shoe different from shoes in general.

6. Neon Sneakers

Neon Sneakers
Neon Sneakers – pinterest.co.uk.com

This year’s summer is filled with lots of neon and bold colors that come together. Ranging from apparel collections to sneakers made with neon colors to give a striking impression. This model of shoes will make you stand out more.

7. Platform Sneakers

Platform Sneakers
Platform Sneakers – tempplus.ru.com

The platform was chosen because users can get high effects over stiletto or cone high heels. In addition, if you want the height ratio between the heel and the toe can be designed not too extreme, so as not to cause pain. So that it can provide more comfort for its users.

8. Plimsoll Sneakers

Plimsoll Sneakers
Plimsoll Sneakers – imall.com

Sneakers that have a simple model because the shoelaces are only at the front or not full. These shoes also work well with pants that are rolled up above the ankles and use short, invisible socks.

9. Retro Sneakers

Retro Sneakers
Retro Sneakers – retrosneakers.tilda.ws.com

This shoe, which was originally designed for exercise, is developed to be used for other activities. The design is casual and lightweight, making these shoes can be combined with casual clothes.

10. Slip-on Sneakers

Slip on Sneakers
Slip-on Sneakers – clothbase.com

This type of shoes can be used by teens to adults because the model is very simple, there are no straps and straps. These sneakers can also be worn when dressing casually or officially. Besides being a practical use, this model shoes will be predicted to return to the trend in 2020.

Well, those are some models of sneakers that are predicted to trend in 2020. Hopefully, the idea inspired you. If you want to read another article from us about Trend Glasses 2020 visit here.

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