Show Your Classy And Elegant Style With 5 Vintage Shoe Models

Oxford Shoes
Vintage Shoe Models

Shoes are one of the important fashion items that complement one’s appearance. Over time, the model of shoes has increasingly changed to follow the existing trends. Sometimes the number of new shoe trends popping up makes old-fashioned shoes neglected. But actually, to look stylish you don’t need to wear new fashion items. You can try fashion items like some of the following vintage shoe models.

Show Your Classy And Elegant Style With 5 Vintage Shoe Models

1. Block Heels

Block Heels
Block Heels –

Block heels became popular in the 70s and 90s. But again popular because of more modern design. Namely with the addition of an ankle strap, studs details, and straps or a game of color and material.

2. Clog Shoes

Clog Shoes
Clog Shoes –

Vintage shoes made of wood. You can look taller when wearing it. You can combine it with a miniskirt or flower motif dress to display your vintage style cooler.

3. Loafers Shoes

Loafers Shoes
Loafers Shoes –

Footwear can also affect your vintage look. For you want a more maximal vintage look, you can wear loafer shoes. This shoe model that used to be worn by men is indeed becoming a trend among women because of its unique and very comfortable model. In addition, the loafer shoe model is proven to be able to create a vintage or old school impression for the wearer.

4. Oxford Shoes

Oxford Shoes
Oxford Shoes –

Vintage shoes that are tightly edgy and vintage look can make your style more leverage. These shoes can be mixed and matched with any outfit, both semi-formal or casual style.

5. T-Bar Wedges Leather

T Bar Wedges
T-Bar Wedges –

This shoe is perfect for you who have a feminine personality. Because these shoes will make you sweeter when wearing them. This shoe is perfectly combined with a mini/midi dress with a floral or polka-dot pattern. Although the model is simple, these shoes will create a strong vintage impression on your appearance.

Well, those are some vintage shoe models that will make you look classy and elegant. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Women’s Denim Skirt Models visit here.

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