9 Easy Ways You Can Do With a Polo Shirt For Men’s Casual Style

Polo shirts are one of the mainstays for almost all people, especially men. Polo shirt is a shirt made of lightweight and loose cotton with buttons on the chest and a flat collar. Many people call this shirt as a shirt for sports, especially tennis and golf. This is because this shirt was made by a reliable tennis player, namely Rene Lacoste.

He owns a famous clothing company in France called Lacoste. Where this company has been producing this t-shirt model in 1933. Rene Lacoste made this t-shirt is not without reason. When busy preparing for the U.S Open event – one of the biggest tennis tournaments, the man born in Paris feels bored with the tennis athlete’s costume or uniform which he thinks is very old-fashioned. At that time the uniform for playing tennis was a buttoned shirt with flannel pants and a tie which, according to some people, looked old-fashioned. Then this is where Rene Lacoste began to create clothes that he would wear himself.

Where he made a shirt made of cotton but lightweight and loose size that is equipped with buttons on the front of the chest, and complete it with a collar. But now polo shirts are not only made of cotton. Many polo shirts are made from fabrics such as knitted, wool, polyester or even silk. And, cotton pique is the most comfortable material to make this shirt.

Besides Rene Lacoste, other names such as Ralph Lauren are the people behind polo shirts. Where he made the polo shirt model into the fashion section in 1972. The difference, Lauren added the logo on the t-shirt. Since then, polo shirts are popular even now.

Polo Shirt For Men's
Men’s Polo Shirt

This shirt complements fashion and is becoming the current trend. You can create a relaxed to casual style by wearing this polo shirt, of course, with the right combination of outfits. Until now these clothes are in great demand and are popular in almost all circles. Besides being comfortable to use, polo shirts are also easy to mix and match with various outfits that you have. As some of the following polo shirt ideas.

9 Easy Ways You Can Do With a Polo Shirt For Men’s Casual Style

Men Wear Style
Men Wear Style – pinterest.fr.com
Men's fashion
Men’s fashion – pinterest.de.com
Polo shirt style
Polo shirt style – pinterest.co.uk.com
Polo shirt with Chino pants
Polo shirt with Chino pants – pinterest.se.com
Polo shirt with Jeans
Polo shirt with Jeans – pinterest.nz.com
Polo shirt with Ripped pants
Polo shirt with Ripped pants – pinterest.co.uk.com
Polo shirt with short Jeans
Polo shirt with short Jeans – no.pinterest.com
Polo shirt with Skinny pants
Polo shirt with Skinny pants – pl.pinterest.com
Summer style
Summer style – lookastic.com

Those are some polo shirt ideas for men that you can try. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Outfits You Can Mix and Match With Flared Pants visit here.

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