One Step More Trendy with 4 Variations of Bob Layer Hairstyles

Confused about what to cut? Bob layer hairstyle you can consider.

Bob layer hairdo is one of the tricks in producing a trendy and neat bob hairstyle.

If there is a hairstyle that does not recognize trends, then the bob haircut is the answer. This hairstyle is classified as a classic and suitable for all situations. Broadly speaking, the style of bob is divided into two, namely the bob hair model with a flat cut and the bob layer hairdo.

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There are two tips for choosing a hairstyle. First, you can adjust the hairstyle to the shape of the face, and second, choose a model that suits your hair type. Bob layer hairdo you can make the answer for both.

Curious about the hairstyle variations that we recommend? Come see here in full!

1. Classic Bob Layer

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In addition to giving texture, layers can also make the hair grow to look neater. Interested in trying bob oval hairstyles, the classic style of a typical Mandarin actress in the 90s?

2. Bob Asymmetric

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For shoulder-length hair, you can choose a thin layer bob hair. Tips from us, make the side of the hair in accordance with the direction longer.

If your hair is straight, apply a small volume with a wavy style using a large hair roller.

3. Graduated Bob

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bob hairstyle 

Unlike the asymmetrical bob whose one side is longer, the graduated bob looks longer on the front.
Give layers with different length variations to create a messy chic look.

Bob’s haircut is a little complicated if your hair is not understood correctly. In dry and damaged hair, the accent layer will be severely canceled split ends.

4. Shaggy

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The classic shaggy style is suitable for a variety of styles and hairstyles. One of the advantages, this style can frame your chubby face to be more beautiful!

Create a long layer that isn’t too contrasty to create a cute shaggy style. Suitable for you who are not too happy with bangs.

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