4 Men’s Hairstyle Models that Become Trends in 2020

Men also have their hairstyle preferences so that they look neat, stylish and sophisticated. Indeed the phrase “hair is a woman’s crown” is true, but that does not mean that all men are indifferent to the appearance of their hair.

Like every trend, men’s hairstyles change every year. Many men then feel confused about what hairstyle to try, or just want to feel fresher with a new appearance.

Side Part


fringe Hair Man
fringe Hair Man

Fringe are short haircuts that are combined with bangs hairstyles. Haircuts like this are better known as Korean style. For this hairstyle, more popular with teenagers.

If you like this style of hair, you should be diligent in caring for it, so that the hair is not stiff or limp, so the front bangs can be easily arranged and look very cool.



Quiff Hairstyle

The quiff hairstyle is often said to be very similar to the Pompadour style. Then what’s the difference? The difference is at the top. The crest on the quiff hairstyle isn’t too back like a pompadour. This style is very famous because it makes your hair very volume, and was popularized by Elvis Presley.

Well, if you want to try this piece, you must be very good at styling your hair so that it always looks rock and roll, like Elvis! When the hair is wet, dry it by drying it upward and backward for maximum appearance.


Side Part
Side Part

Side Part is a hairstyle with a thin shave on the side and the top of the hair is left rather long and then styling it with a side parting.

For men with medium length hair, this hairstyle is useful for adding structure to the hair and is also suitable as a second-day, especially if you previously used dry shampoo to absorb oil on your scalp so your hair becomes more volume.

The side part is classic hairstyles that always look good when applied. The version that became a trend in 2019 still retains some traditional sides but also gives a new texture that follows the times.


Slick Back
Slick Back

The slick back is perfect for men who like neat and professional hairstyles. If you want to attend a formal event, this hairstyle is one of them go, because if combined with other formal suits or clothes will make you so neat and charming.

If you have longish hair, you can make it an effortless messy look for casual style, while for formal events you can make it a slick back wet look to give it a classy impression.

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