Looks Great With Couple Shoes on Special Valentine’s Day. You Can Try With Your Couple

Couples can use Valentine’s Day to explore together, from tasting food at the latest restaurant or having a picnic while camping, to create happy memories. Wearing twin items like clothes and shoes with a partner is also a romantic thing to do on Valentine’s Day. Have you prepared a special agenda with loved ones?

One way to make the atmosphere more romantic is to harmonize the appearance with your partner. Not only clothes, but couples can also mix and match shoes by choosing models that can be used by men and women.

Looks Great With Couple Shoes
Looks Great With Couple Shoes

Shoes that can be used when valentine does not have to be pink or red to match the theme, but you can wear paired shoes that match the outfit and of course make you comfortable. Wearing an outfit or shoes that make you comfortable will make you look more confident undergoing daily activities, especially on valentine’s day.

On this loving day, we don’t want to be left behind sharing tips on various shoe models that are suitable for couples to wear along with the right fashions.

Looks Great With Couple Shoes on Special Valentine’s Day. You Can Try With Your Couple

Couple Shoes
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1. Sneakers

Couple Sneakers
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Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes and are definitely suitable for men and women. Sneakers combine comfort and style, two things that are important when taking a walk with a partner. For you men, try combining sneakers with a patterned short-sleeved shirt and slim-cut cotton trousers. And for you girls, use a jumpsuit to make it look cute. Don’t forget to wear socks to keep your feet dry and not blister. The presence of sneakers with a variety of designs and colors makes it very easily adapted to any outfit.

2. Slip-On

Couple Slip On
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Slip-On shoes are the second most comfortable shoes to wear especially if you are non-sticky and don’t want to mess around to tie your shoes. Slip-on shoes, with a cool but relaxed look, are very easy to combine with various types of clothing. For men, slip-on shoes can be paired with baggy sweaters and ripped jeans. As for women, denim overalls and inner T-shirts with rolled sleeves will give a sweet look. One of the added values ​​of slip-on shoes is the material that can be made of leather or canvas. The leather slip-on is the right choice if you want to look more formal, while slip-on canvas is suitable to give the impression of sportiness. Choose slip-on that suits your Valentine’s Day plan and your partner, yes, especially you who want to do outdoor activities such as a picnic on the beach.

3. Boots

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For you lovers of streetwear style who dare to appear edge, boots with zippers are the right choice. A-line denim skirts and oversized sweaters will complement the appearance of streetwear for women, while the man can choose slim denim pants plus t-shirts and bomber jackets to reinforce the super cool urban streetwear style. Boots make the wearer look more elegant.

4. Chukka

Valentine's Shoe Couple
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Model of shoes that are suitable for use when the next valentine is Chukka. Chukka or ankle boots are alternative boots that are just as good to mix and match as men’s and women’s clothing. For men, try matching chukka with a plaid long sleeve flannel shirt and long pants rolled up to the ankles. Well, for you girls, try using a chukka with high waist pants and a fun graphic shirt. Because chukka isn’t as tall as boots, you can use colorful socks to create a super exciting style that makes you look more fashionable.

5. Leather shoes

Couple Shoe
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Although it tends to be identical for men, classic boots that are strappy and have flat soles can give a feminine impression to women. For men, these model boots work well with almost all styles of clothing, including brown cotton trousers and white shirts that can be an option when going for a romantic dinner. For women, attach boots with knee-length pleated skirts and blouse-sleeved blouses to look cute but fashionable.

Well, that is some of our recommendations for couples who are confused looking for a pair of shoe models. Actually looking for a pair of shoes in order to look harmonious with a partner can be as exciting as an ordinary date on Valentine’s Day, you know. However, still, make sure you choose shoes that are comfortable to wear so that no one has to deal with achy feet when engrossed in a walk with your partner. If you want to read other articles from us about Me Time On Valentine’s visit here.