Looks Classy With 6 Men’s Chino Colors You Must Have This Year

Chino Pants
Chino Pants

Chino pants can be said to be one of the pants that are still a favorite used today besides jeans. Chino pants are usually the most widely used colors by men such as black and brown because it is a neutral color and is the safest color when combined with several other colors.

In addition, chinois considered a style of pants that fits any boss such as suits, T-shirts, shirts and other outfits. But it will look boring if you use those colors alone. Here we provide some recommendations for the color of chino pants that you must have this year.

Looks Classy With 6 Men’s Chino Colors You Must Have This Year

1. Monochrome Color

Black Chino Pants
Black Chino Pants – alibaba.com

Monochrome colors are the colors of all circles, whether male or female. This is because colors like black and white, which are neutral and safe colors, must be combined with other colors, be it bright or dark. You don’t need to be confused to combine this color. You can not only use this color in formal events but to look casual it is also very comfortable with this color.

2. Army Green or Oliver Green

Army Green
Army Green – siyaram.com

This color is also called the olive color. This color is a little difficult to be combined with other bright colors. However, it never hurts to get out of your comfort zone to use this green color. Although a little more complicated, this green color can not only be combined with classic colors like black or white. You can also use colors like gray, dark blue, or brown. That way you can be more flexible to manage it.

3. Beige Color

Beige Colors
Beige Colors – rock-cafe.info.com

Men too often wear jeans because they are considered easy to put together with the clothes used. But chino pants are the same as jeans, the right color can be used for any outfit. One of the attractive colors is beige, you can use it for a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Beige is a bright color, so you can use a top that has a dark color like dark blue, burgundy or dark gray. The colors can help balance your appearance.

4. Gray Colors

Gray Colors
Gray Colors – lookastic.com

In addition to black and white which is a safe color, gray can also be said to be a safe color, because it is a neutral color that you must have. Gray chino pants are arguably the best because they are suitable for any skin color, even gray can be used for formal events, such as when going to the office, to a wedding or other formal events. Gray can be played with a variety of colors and styles because of its neutral hue. You can use it together with a black shirt or use a pair of jeans jacket in dark blue or black.

5. Navy or Dark Blue

Dark Blue
Dark Blue – pinterest.com
Navy Colors
Navy Colors – menhairdos.com

Dark navy or blue can be practically the same as black and white because it is a neutral color and it is very easy to combine other colors with this color. The use of navy or dark blue color is very suitable to appear more casual and become one of the color choices that you must have and use besides jeans. To display a casual style, you can combine it with a plain white top.

6. Pastel Color

Pastel Colors
Pastel Colors – pinterest.ru.com
Pastel Chino
Pastel Chino – dapperq.com

Pastel color is a very bright color but not too flashy the color is softer. The colors are like Tosca, burgundy, dusty or peach and other mixed colors. If you use this color, it will have consequences, because it has the characteristics of bright and soft colors so you don’t use the same color a second time. To use these pants you must complete between superiors and subordinates, no need to be too harmonious but still good to look at. Because it becomes a bright and soft color because the color of the top is suitable for pastel colors like dark green, burgundy, or dark gray.

Well, those are some colors for chino pants you must have. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Women’s Urban Fashion Style visit here.


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