Look Elegant and Classy With 12 Colors Men’s Slim Fit Tuxedo Suit Ideas

Every man should at least have a suit to wear when attending a formal event. A suit can give a modern impression and make the wearer feel more authoritative. Besides being used for parties, usually, suits are also used in some events such as graduations to weddings. Wearing a suit makes men seem very mature and authoritative.

Men's Slim Fit Tuxedo Suit Ideas
Men’s Slim-Fit Tuxedo Suit Ideas

We will give you some ideas with 12 colors that you can choose when you choose the color of the suit you will wear.

Look Elegant and Classy With 12 Colors Men’s Slim Fit Tuxedo Suit Ideas

1. Beige Slim Suit

Beige Suit
Beige Suit – www.aliexpress.com

Beige is a soft color. The combination of white and brown can give a soft impression on your appearance. You can wear this beige suit during the daytime. Which will make you even more handsome.

2. Classic Black Options


Black Slim Fit
Black Slim Fit – pinterest.com

Black suits are men’s fashion staples. The classic and simple model has never been eaten by age. Even so, this one suit is not so often used in daily activities because it is considered the most formal of all colors. This suit is indeed more suitable for use at parties that require you to look presentable. So, it’s a good idea to invest savings in a quality black suit so it lasts longer.

3. Dark Blue Slim Fit

Blue Suit
Blue Suit – megazakaz.com

Besides black, a suit shop usually provides a dark blue color. The similarity between the two colors is classic and simple. Even so, both have different formal levels. Dark blue suits have versatility advantages for use on other agendas because they are not as formal as black. You can use it at job interviews, daily office activities, to come to the wedding invitation. The deep blue color can make you look more effortlessly stylish.

4. Burgundy or Maroon

Burgundy Suit
Burgundy Suit – kynawilliams.com

You can choose other colors with dark tones such as burgundy or maroon. But you need to see what kind of event you will attend first. If the show tends to be casual, you can wear sneakers in black or white. Well, if the event you are going to comes to is very formal, you should just use black oxford. You can also customize a shirt or shirt with the color of your shoes to make it look more harmonious.

5. Slim Fit Cream

Cream Slim Fit
Cream Slim Fit – derech.ru.com

Suit with cream color will make you look bright especially if worn during the day. This color is almost the same as the color beige and khaki, the difference is this color is brighter.

6. Dark Gray as an Alternative to Black

Grey Slim Fit Tuxedo
Grey Slim Fit Tuxedo – pinterest.de.com

If you are looking for alternatives to black suits. It never hurts for you to glance at the dark gray color which can give a more mature impression to its users. The charcoal gray suit is also very easy to integrate with other clothes, considering the color is included in the neutral category. Usually, a dark gray suit is more categorized on a formal level because of its dark color.

7. Soft Khaki

Khaki Slim Fit
Khaki Slim Fit – pinterest.com.au.com

Still in one family with the color brown, this time there is a khaki color. Suits that are usually used this summer are more suitable for smart-casual themed agendas. For example, it can be used when working in offices and various dressed up events during the day. Khaki color is also considered solid because it will not overpower other clothing colors. It will even be compatible with one another when combined with neutral colors.

8. Light Blue

Light Blue
Light Blue – www.dhgate.com

You can try to appear braver with a light blue suit. A light blue suit can make you look much younger. Dark colors like black or navy can give a much bolder impression than younger colors. No need to be confused to combine it with other fashion items, you can pair a light blue suit with light brown or black shoes to neutralize the color of the suit.

9. Navy Suit

Navy Suit
Navy Suit – alibaba.com

Navy is one of the most versatile colors available for men. You can pair it with brown shoes. Especially the appearance of a man in a navy suit will look sleeker when the shoes used are made of suede.

10. Red Slim Fit

Red Slim Fit
Red Slim Fit – gentwith.com

Red is a bold color, therefore you can appear bold by wearing a red suit. The red color can be an alternative when you will attend a formal event from morning to night. Because red is a striking color.

11. Violet

Violet Slim Fit
Violet Slim Fit – marketingo-mokykla.lt.com

If you want to wear a soft colored suit, then you can try a suit in violet. You will look more radiant, especially if used at night.

12. White Suit

White Slim Fit
White Slim Fit – pinterest.ch.com

White suits are usually used on outdoor venues during the daytime. The color is clean and contrast will make attention focused on the wearer. Since this setting is more suitable for use during the day, try pairing it with pastel-colored clothing. You can add detail motifs on shirts, ties, or pocket square to make the appearance more playful.

Those are some suitable ideas for men. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Wedding Celebration Decoration Ideas With Bohemian Venue visit here.

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