7 Look Beautiful Every Time With Elegant Green Shirt

Often green clothing is quite avoided by some women, even though it isn’t a rather “flashy” color. This is because sometimes the green color will be more difficult to combine with other colors to make it look more fashionable.

In fact, with the right equivalent, shades of green with a variety of color gradations make your display bright and pleasant. Coupled with the right proportions, clothing or accessories with nuances of green can be the center of attention of style.

Green Tie Neck Silk Shirt With Cuff
Green Tie Neck Silk Shirt With Cuff

The green outfit you wear can look more eccentric with additional clothing motifs for the blend. By combining green pants with black and white polka-dot motif tops to make it look more fashionable. Green placket skirts can also be chicer with a blend of a black jacket to give the impression of sportiness on your feminine look. To make it more stylish you can also add high heels mustard colors so that the colors are more pleasing.

If you choose green, you can make your appearance more colorful but not excessive by combining soft pastel colors. By combining your green flare pants with a sweet, pastel purple top.

Now, so you can be more stylish and chic, try the following ideas with beautiful green shades.

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