8 Beautiful Flower Wedding Bouquet Colors Ideas For Your Wedding Inspiration

Marriage is a moment that is always awaited by all couples. They will prepare as best a wedding as possible. Starting from wedding rings, dresses and suits, makeup, shoes, and hairstyles that will be tried, wedding room decorations to food and souvenirs that will be given to guests.

One thing that must be there and no less important is a bouquet of flowers, which will later be brought by the bride-to-be. A bouquet of flowers is a collection of flowers arranged into a flower arrangement. Usually, these hand bouquets are used at weddings, where the bride carries a bouquet as accessories. A flower bouquet is also used as room decoration by using vases. Or it can also be used as a congratulatory gift for others; where there is a moment of celebration or celebration. A bouquet of flowers matches the atmosphere of excitement. This flower has a symbol based on type and culture.

Flower Wedding Bouquet Colors Ideas
Flower Wedding Bouquet Colors Ideas

The model and color of the flower bouquet usually depend on the theme of the wedding or the request of the bride and groom. As some colors are used for the following flower bouquet.

8 Beautiful Flower Wedding Bouquet Colors Ideas For Your Wedding Inspiration

1. Blue Wedding Flower

Blue Wedding Flower
Blue Wedding Flower – ar.pinterest.com

Flowers in blue can’t be found easily. Blue flowers offer an extraordinary calm effect. Because the blue color reminds us of the sky and the sea which is very soothing. Blue flowers are used to talk about intimacy and forms of trust and communication to build relationships in the long run. Blue also means peace and sympathy.

2. Green Bouquet

Green Bouquet
Green Bouquet – in.pinterest.com

Green is a color that shows harmony with nature and good fortune. In addition, the green flower was chosen because it implies the meaning of balance and enjoyment of life. Green flowers can be combined with flowers of other colors. Green flowers are often chosen to show the beauty of architecture in a flower. Providing green flowers is the right way to convey the message of health and hope for good luck.

3. Orange Wedding Bouquet

Orange Wedding
Orange Wedding – pinterest.fr.com

Orange flowers can be described as very luminous flowers. That said, this orange-colored flower captures the sun’s rays so the colors look bright. Orange flowers contain messages of happiness and joy. a bouquet of orange can give warmth to the recipient of love. Orange-colored flowers also have meaning around adventure and spontaneity.

4. Pink Bouquet Flower

Pink Bouquet Flower
Pink Bouquet Flower – pinterest.pt.com

The meaning of pink flowers is the color of flowers to show innocence, sensitivity, and a bit of playing around. Flowers in red are easily considered the most romantic flowers because they are identical to the colors used to express love and romance. Traditionally, pink flowers are often associated with femininity and tenderness. However, many modern couples consider pink flowers to represent attention and spontaneity.

5. Purple Flower Wedding

Purple Flower Wedding
Purple Flower Wedding – famousipod.com

The enchantment of purple flowers can not be fooled. Purple is a color that describes the softness and mysterious impression. Charm, grace, and elegance are the meanings shown in purple flowers. Apart from all these things, purple flowers can also imply a strong romance. a bouquet of purple flowers can be the most beautiful flower you can give to the closest person.

6. Red Bouquet

Red Bouquet
Red Bouquet – weddingbride.date.com

The meaning of red flowers contains clear messages to show the power of romantic love. There is no doubt that the red color shows a great passion for love. Giving a bouquet of red flowers is a form of strong love communication between you and her. Red flowers are the closest symbolic form to the heart. In addition, red is a color that shows seduction and desire.

7. White Flower Wedding

White Flower Wedding
White Flower Wedding – pinterest.com

Fresh white flowers are closely related to purity and purity. White flowers represent honesty, purity, and perfection. This is the ideal flower to show the sincerity of love or feelings of love. White roses are considered as the most suitable flower for brides.

8. Yellow Sun Flower

Yellow Sun Flower
Yellow Sun Flower – pinterest.com.au.com

Yellow flowers represent trust, affection, respect, friendship, and devotion. In addition to friends and parents, yellow flowers are often used as a choice to show appreciation for one’s hard work. Soft light emanating from yellow flowers is also a form of sympathetic communication.

Well, that’s some of the colors of flowers that are suitable for use in a wedding with the meaning of the flower. Hopefully, the idea inspired you. If you want to read another article from us about Party Makeup Ideas visit here.

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