Fashion Items You Can Try From Victorian Style For Your Vintage Look

Victorian Style
Victorian Style

Victorian Style is synonymous with elegant, luxurious and classic style. Victorian Style is a style that was present and popular in the 1880s. More precisely at the time of Queen Victoria, where she was someone who was very influential at that time, which was around 1837 to 1890. This style is a feminine style, therefore there are more styles created for women, especially for noblewomen who have high social class. Where they were demanded to look beautiful and elegant. This is done to show courtesy and honor.

Like some fashion items that you can try from the following victorian style for a vintage look.

Fashion Items You Can Try From Victorian Style For Your Vintage Look

1. Charming Corset

Victorian Corset
Victorian Corset –

The corset was designed to make the waist appear thinner, and give the illusion of a large chest and more formed hips, making this one fashion item popular and a must-wear item in the Victorian era.

2. Dresses With Ruffle, Lace Accents, and Sabrina Collar

Lace Dress
Lace Dress –
Ruffle Dress
Ruffle Dress –
Sabrina Collar Silk Dress
Sabrina Collar Silk Dress –

This dress that impressed heavy and complicated had become a fashion trend that must be owned by all Britanian Ladies in their era. In addition to the ruffle, low-collar or Sabrina models and high-collar models are also very loved. A touch of lace is also often the choice of the Lady. Although heavy and complicated, this one shirt successfully displays the impression of grace and respect for the wearer.

3. Elegant Blouse

Chiffon Blouse
Chiffon Blouse –

Ruffle blouse, with long sleeves and high neck identical to the detailed blouse that was popular in the Victorian era. This type of blouse is perfect for you to go to the office, formal or semi-formal events. To complete your fashionable appearance when attending a formal event, choose a white or black blouse to make your appearance look luxurious and elegant. Meanwhile, brightly colored clothing patterns will make you chicer when looking casual.

4. Floral Outfits

Floral Dress
Floral Dress –

The vintage style is famous for its sweet appearance, so the floral-themed outfits are one of the fashion items related to this one fashion style. For those of you who want to look vintage again, you can try wearing a floral-themed outfit in the form of a sweet floral dress and add some accessories so that you look more perfect.

5. Head Accessories

Hairband –
Headband Flower
Headband Flower –
Victorian Hats
Victorian Hats –
Women Bonnets
Women Bonnets –

Famous headdresses in this era are hats, bonnets, or hair bands. It is used to cover the head and make anyone who wears it more elegant. Usually, they wear wide hats adorned with beautiful, colorful bird feathers. In addition to fur hats, they also really like Bonnet. Unlike the fur hat, Bonnets are also often used indoors to maintain their hairdo. Today’s bonnet is still often associated with a rope under the chin.

6. Twist Hair Style

Hairstyles –

Twist hairstyles are one of the easiest and most complex hairstyling techniques to try. With a twist style, you can get a bun, chignon, even faux hawk style. This hairstyle is simpler and easier to make, namely by crossing your hair to form a braid like mine and then curl it up with additional headdresses.

Well, that’s some fashion items from the Victoria style that you can try to display a classic and elegant impression on your appearance ladies. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Vintage Shoe Models for Women visit here.


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