8 Gorgeous Engagement Ring Models That Fit Your Personality

Engagement Ring Models
Engagement Ring Models

Fiance becomes a sacred first step before heading to the altar. The happiest moment is marked by pinning a ring on a woman’s ring finger. The engagement ring is indeed a symbol of commitment to keep an appointment with a partner. Every woman would want an engagement ring that suits her dreams. Various models and shapes of engagement rings also attract attention.

Like some of the following engagement ring models that fit your personality.

8 Gorgeous Engagement Ring Models That Fit Your Personality

1. Floating Ring

Floating Ring
Floating Ring – ww3.tophillschools.com

The eye of the ring is not located on the frame, but on the two sides of the ring pressed. This ring gemstone looks like floating in the air. Ring circles are thicker and stronger (this is to support the diamond in place). Overall the look of this ring is contemporary and bold. Ideal for modern and forward-thinking women who dare to express their opinions. This type of ring is suitable for urban personality, ambitious, sociable, brave, like change, spirited leader, expressive and entrepreneurial.

2. Modern Ring

Modern Ring
Modern Ring – ohsoperfectproposal.com

Modern rings tend to be chosen by you who have an orientation towards the future. You are easy to adapt to new lifestyles and existing changes. You want something that illustrates the future love for you and your partner.

3. Pearl Ring

Pearl Ring
Pearl Ring – wallpaper-img.com

If you prefer pearl cut rings or alternative rings such as other gemstones or pearls, you are among those who are concerned with family and other people’s happiness. You are the type who is always enthusiastic to please people, this will appear on your wedding day later.

4. Plain Ring

Plain Ring
Plain Ring – pinterest.ru.com

This type of ring is ideal for women who like simplicity and comfort. She does not like frills, is an active woman who wants a ring that does not require much care. Plain rings are also suitable for women who are not too fond of diamonds or jewelry. Intended for individuals who are humble, polite, shy, mature, intellectual, minimalist and do not like lip service.

5. Sapphire Ring

Sapphire Ring
Sapphire Ring – xydpf.org.com

Sapphire gemstone is one type of gemstone that you can use for your engagement ring. Its beautiful color makes anyone complacent with its sparkle. You who choose this ring is a person who likes things that smell of fantasy. This type of ring is suitable for women with artistic and artistic souls. If you are an artist, musician, creative thinker, creative, artistic, sentimental, expressive, ambitious or good at picking guitars, this type of ring is the right choice for you.

6. Solitaire Ring

Solitaire Ring
Solitaire Ring – settesilver.com

Solitaire Ring is a ring that only uses diamond eyes. This solitaire ring is one of the most common ring models used for wedding rings or engagement rings. Well usually, the following diamond shape is most often chosen for solitaire rings. Besides being a simple model, this ring also looks elegant. You who choose this ring is a person who likes classic things and smells traditional. Best suited for women who are traditional, sociable, ambitious, career-oriented, luxurious, sociable.

7. Three Stone Ring

Three Stone Ring
Three Stone Ring – pinterest.ru.com

Three stone ring is a ring with three diamond eyes that many women like. The number of diamonds has its own meaning. These three diamonds are considered as representations of the past, present, and future relationship between you and your partner. Apart from the beautiful sparkle, the hidden meaning is what makes women choose this one engagement ring model. A three-edged ring is ideal for women who want a ring with a deep and personal meaning. This type of ring matches the type of spiritual personality, sentimental, calm, romantic, humble, mature and mysterious.

8. Vintage Ring

Vintage Ring
Vintage Ring – beautyofwedding.co.com

The vintage design has a romantic impression, so many are popular choices for proposing a partner. Besides looking attractive, the design of this vintage ring tends to be more detailed. The vintage design proves that something old is not necessarily outdated. If you like and choose a vintage ring, chances are you are among the people who are unique in your way. You know how to display something cool and can be liked by many people. Vintage and antiques are aimed at women with high ideals who believe in a better future. This ring is also suitable for art lovers, romantic women, original and warmly personal.

Well, those are some engagement ring models that you can choose according to the personality you have. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Bohemian Style Wedding Altar Decoration Ideas visit here.

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