Cool African Men’s Clothing Ideas You Can Try

Are you bored with your style of shirt? Do you want a style of clothes that is unique but still comfortable to wear? You do not need to worry. You can try to style the clothes of African men who are booming now. Clothing styles that combine ethnic culture can be a reference to your clothing style. African fashion style seems like a bohemian style but still trendy and fashionable.

African clothes are thick with their ethnic culture. African clothing generally has its own philosophy. Where is the philosophy contained in their traditional clothing that is in the form of an element of spirit. Post-independence optimism and freedom. Therefore most African clothes have a variety of motifs with bright colors. It was as if they wanted to show that they did not want to be bound and free.

Cool African Men's Clothing Ideas
Cool African Men’s Clothing Ideas

Well, we will give you some ideas of traditional men’s clothing in Africa that you can try.

Cool African Men’s Clothing Ideas You Can Try

1. Bazin

Style Homme African Simple
Style Homme African Simple –
African Men's Style
African Men’s Style –

The first African men’s clothing style is Bazin. Bazin is a traditional dress that is often worn on Hari Raya or Islamic Holidays. Where this clothing style at a glance is similar to the Koko shirt that is usually worn by Muslims, namely along the top and usually combined with pants or gloves. If the Koko shirt has a motive that is not crowded and tends to be plain in color, Bazin actually has quite a variety of colors and motifs, Bazin used has a long top with ethnic embroidery. There is also a Bazin that uses solid colored cloth without embroidery, there is also a Bazin that uses a printed patterned fabric. But the pieces remain the same. Both Bazin and Koko’s clothes are both worn by Muslim men who will go to pray. If you’ve ever watched a marvelous film called Black Panther, where there is a scene where the Wakanda Regional leader named T’challa is seen wearing this black traditional dress.

Men's Fahion Design
Men’s Fahion Design –
Men's African Style
Men’s African Style –
Men's Afcrica Style
Men’s Afcrica Style –
Ankara Design for Men
Ankara Design for Men –
African Men Clothing
African Men Clothing – pinteterest.cim

2. Dashiki

African Men's Stylish Fashion
African Men’s Stylish Fashion –
African Style Man
African Style Man –

Dashiki is a color shirt surrounded by African cultural motifs and traditions. Dashiki comes from Hausa and Ciki which means shirt. This outfit is usually worn with plain pants and kufi hats.

3. Agbada

Nigerian Men Tradisional Native Wears
Nigerian Men Traditional Native Wears –

Agbada is a men’s clothing that is usually worn by African people, especially in Nigeria. This clothing is a type of clothing in the form of robes with wide pieces and distinctive patterns and has become a trend popularized by the Nigerian people. This clothing is usually worn by important people, such as kings and chiefs. This traditional dress is actually only worn during ceremonial events, such as weddings or funerals. But now these clothes are worn by many African men in their daily lives and even work from Monday to Friday.

Those are some African men’s clothing ideas that you can try and be trendy and fashionable. Hopefully and inspired. If you want to read other articles from us about Trendy Fashion Style Ideas for Women Over 50 Aging visit here.



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