9 Magnificient Color Inspiration for Male Jodhpuri Suits To Classy and Elegant Looks

Color Inspiration for Male Jodhpuri Suits
Color Inspiration for Male Jodhpuri Suits

Johdpuri is a formal suit that is suitable for using formal events such as weddings or office events. This suit combines a coat and trousers but is sometimes accompanied by a vest in use. This suit is very popular in their home country namely India. This suit, made of silk, does look stiff but is actually very comfortable to wear especially for men. Those who wear them will look elegant and authoritative. Of course with the appropriate color.

You certainly have to know the color that suits you so that the jodhpuri you wear displays a classy and elegant impression. Well, we will give you some color inspiration for men’s jodhpuri suits that you can try.

9 Magnificient Color Inspiration for Male Jodhpuri Suits To Classy and Elegant Looks

1. Airy Blue

Airy Blue
Airy Blue – pinterest.com

This color is a bright blue color or the same color as sky blue. This bright blue jodhpuri suit works well with subordinates or pants that have bright colors as well as bright gray.

2. Columbia Brown

Columbia Brown
Columbia Brown – pinterest.ie.com

Columbia brown is a brown color that looks rather faded and rather bright. This color is similar to the greenish green-brown color. Jodhpuri suit with this color is perfectly combined with subordinates or white pants.

3. Emerald Green

Emerald Green
Emerald Green – parivarceremony.com

Emerald green is an olive green color that feels velvety. This color is very fitting to be used on a jodhpuri suit that is equipped with gold-colored accessories. Because it will look classy.

4. Light Grey

Light Grey
Light Grey – rajwadi.com

Gray is a neutral color and seems safe. Because it is very easy to combine this color with other colors. For example this jodhpuri suit in light gray with slightly dark pants like black.

5. Magnificient Green

Magnificient Green
Magnificient Green – etsy.com

This green color is a bright green color. Actually this color suit suits any color, but dark colors are better. Even more so if the jodhpuri suit is the same color.

6. Mysterious Black

Mysterious Black
Mysterious Black – alsaliem.com

Just like gray, black is a safe and neutral color. It is suitably combined with any color.

7. Navy Blue
Navy Blue

Navy Blue – jadeblue.com

This sailor color is everyone’s favorite color. Colors that seem safe and easy to be combined with any color.

8. Purple Velvet

Purple Velvet
Purple Velvet – parivarceremony.com

This purple has a slightly darker color than violet. You can combine purple jodhpuri suits with bright colored pants like yellow.

9. Wine Velvet

Wine Velvet
Wine Velvet – rutbaa.com

This color is similar to the color of wine and burgundy. But the burgundy color seems more reddish. This velvet jodhpuri suit is perfect for day wear.

Well, how about guys, if you are interested in using jodhpuri settings, you can try our color recommendations. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Men’s Fashion Items You Must Have Before You Are 30 Years Old visit here.

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