5 Styles Of College Clothes in Winter

Hello friends, this time we will discuss college clothes in winter. Winter does need special treatment, especially about clothing. Winter special clothes, jackets, and thick clothes, sometimes make us not fashionable.

But calm down, you don’t need to worry. Even if you wear a jacket, you can choose the type of jacket that you can mix and match for college in the winter. Want to know how the tips? Let’s look at this article until it runs out.

Winter Coats Must haves

1. Use a Thick Jacket with Bright Colors like White for The College Clothes

college clothes
college clothes (Source: Pinterest.com)
White Jacket
White Jacket (Source: Pinterest.com)

Color indeed really determines the style yes guys, especially in winter. Most people choose black for the thick jacket they have, but black makes a monotonous impression. Try to choose a bright color, but still neutral like white. The white color you can match with all the colors of subordinates, tops, and headscarves. So you still look fashionable every time you go to campus.

2. Using a Long Coat Can Make Your Style More Elegant

Winter Coats Must haves
Winter Coats Must-haves (Source: Pinterest.com)

In addition to the jacket, you can also use a long outer coat that can make the body warm to the feet. Besides making it warm, wearing a coat can make us look more elegant and fashionable. Choose a coat with pastel colors like cream for easy mix and match and winter shades are more pronounced.

3. Blazers Can Also Be Used As Mainstay

blazerĀ  (Source: Pinterest.com)
blazer (Source: Pinterest.com)

If winter isn’t too cold, you can combine your blazer for a cool outer. Before leaving the house make sure to always see the weather forecast. If it’s sunny, you can try this style.

4. Thick Outer Can Be a Jacket Replacement

outer (Source: Pinterest.com)

Not only have to wear a thick jacket but in winter you can also use your thick outer one instead of a jacket. However, to anticipate the cold air, you can combine the outer with a thick sweater. It’s suitable for college style in winter.

5. The Ultra Light Pink Jacket is Cool for The College Clothes in Winter

jacket ultralight
jacket ultralight (Source: Zazzel.com)

If the winter air is very cold with rain or snow, then there is no other choice but to wear an ultra-light jacket. But because this jacket model is very monotonous, you can outsmart by choosing a bright color. Pink for example. In addition to making it look more girly, pink is also suitable to be combined with neutral-colored clothes.

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