7 Beautiful and Cute Christmas-themed Nail Art Designs

Nail Art or what we often call painting/drawing nails is a modern art that is recently rife among women. If we look at several beauty salons, there are services to design nail art so that the nails look more beautiful and colorful. No wonder many women are willing to spend just to apply nail art designs on their fingers. Some time ago on my blog, I posted a nail art but for the second time, I wanted to share a different nail art design to coincide with Christmas.

On Christmas, it never hurts to try stylish with Christmas-themed nail art. As we know, Christmas is synonymous with evergreen trees, gifts, Santa and more. Do not want to linger to immediately invite you to see the Christmas-themed nail art designs besides that I also provide a video tutorial on how to make Christmas-themed nail art.

christmas carracter

LancĂ´me Vernis in Love Nail Art in Pasrticulier Hotel

Still carrying the glitter theme, this time it’s time to try Lancome Vernis in Love with the Pasrticulier Hotel variant. This one is a metallic red cranberry. Colors like this can also be one of the characteristic colors that are suitable for you to use while celebrating Christmas. Surely the color will look harmonious with the clothes you will use.

Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Darjeeling Darling

In addition to colors that tend to be red, you shouldn’t also leave green when you want to celebrate Christmas. You can try to use Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer with the Darjeeling Darling variant. This dark green color can give you a more mature and elegant appearance at the same time. Although there are no shades of glitter on this nail polish, the color can make your nails look very beautiful.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy in Therapewter

One of the most suitable nail polish for your choice at Christmas is the Sally Hansen Color Therapy variant of Therapewter. The silver color from this one nail polish will make your nails look stunning both for Christmas parties at night and during the day. Even colors like these can still match when you still use them when you go back to work. Also, the silver color tends to match any color shirt.

Essie Winter Polish Collection of nail polish in Ready to Boa

The red color is synonymous with Christmas. To appear more elegant, this time it’s time to try to use the Essie winter polish collection with the Ready to Boa variant. This is a combination of shiny red and dark bronze. This color is very suitable to support your appearance when celebrating a Christmas party. This is one color that is winter

Nail Art
Nail Art
Nail Art 2
Nail Art (Source: Pinterest.com)
cute theme
cute theme (Source: Pinterest.com)
colour full
color full (Source: Pinterest.com)
christmas carracter
Christmas character (Source: Pinterest.com)

Here are some nail polish colors that are very suitable for you to use when you want to celebrate Christmas. With the right color selection of nail polish, your nails will look more beautiful and well-groomed. Let’s start to prepare clothes and nail polish what you will use on Christmas that is near.

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