Tips for choosing Christmas Outfits For Men To Be More Handsome

The selection of Christmas Outfits is considered quite important because it is approved and presented today there will be various celebrations. Some offices even make Christmas parties with red and green dress codes, for example. Not only that but the church also often holds teenage Christmas and youth Christmas. Christmas is also a moment to greet old friends. There will be a small Christmas party.

Not infrequently there will also be a mutual friendly questionable Christmas at neighbors, offices of friends, family, and other partners. Of course, you want to look different, please, from last year’s Christmas and previous years. Now, so that your Christmas celebration this year feels unique, different, and also interesting, there are several things to choose from when choosing Christmas clothes.


1. Choose the Christmas Outfits that you choose fit and fit in the body. Don’t miss it!

The outfit that is good and eye-catching is clothing that matches the body shape, more so fits and is not removed or oversized. Unfortunately, clothing thrown into the market has a standard size so it’s no wonder that at some point it will look easier. There are several options to overcome this, namely choose a size that fits the body, shrinking certain areas on clothes that have been bought to the tailor, or fixing themselves. If it is suitable, then the clothes will look decent on the body, whether your body is big or small.

2. Be smart in choosing colors and patterns

Not only women, but men also need to consider the colors and motifs of clothes purchased. If it gets wrong, it will bring up a ‘disproportionate’ body silhouette. For those of you who have a large body posture, don’t wear clothes with colors that are too comfortable. Instead, choose clothes in black so that the shape and posture can be disguised properly. Meanwhile, for those of you who are thin and small, almost all types of dress colors are perfect for you, not too excessive, tacky, or dazzling eyes.

When talking about motives, you who are big don’t wear Christmas outfits with motifs or pictures that are full and excessive. Instead, wear Christmas outfits with vertical patterns or straight lines up to create the impression of a taller and slimmer. This method can also be used for ‘wide’ broad shoulders. Meanwhile, for those who are thin, wear clothes that are more crowded patterned so that the body looks ‘full’

3. If choosing a shirt, choose the shape of the collar

Do not immediately buy a shirt because the colors and designs are attractive. Look at the shape of the collar, whether it matches your face shape or not. This turned out to be quite important if you want to look more manly and neat with a shirt. Make sure the collar doesn’t strangle your neck. Remember when shirts with small and low collars are suitable for thin-faced people, whereas shirts with high collars are more appropriate for people with round faces. Oh, yeah, check the buttons on the collar too, yeah!

4. Quality clothes don’t have to be expensive

Indeed, we have often heard that quality is directly proportional to the high price of goods. However, do you know that good, quality clothes don’t always have to be expensive? There are lots of bosses, subordinates, inner, outer, and other types of clothing that come at quite affordable prices, with goods or materials that are no less good than premium brands.

Good or not, a garment that is determined by many things, including its ability to cling to sweat, ease of comfort needed, minimize unpleasant odors, and last longer. Therefore, do not immediately be tempted by expensive clothes that are not necessarily of good quality. Be smart in choosing because you will wear clothes for a long time.

5. Adjust the sleeve of the shirt and the event you attend

There are three types of sleeve shirts, namely short, responsibility, and length. Of these three types of sleeves, it is long-sleeved shirts that are often seen as formal wear for attending official events. Not only that, but long-sleeved shirts are also neatly equipped to be combined with suits or other details like business clothes or office clothes. For a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere, short-sleeved and responsibility shirts are the best choices. This shirt can be combined with various types of subordinates, whether it’s shorts or trousers.

6. Receive the balance of Outfit worn

The balance used here is how to mix and match the Christmas outfits. Not only women, but men also need to have a little knowledge of how to combine superiors and subordinates, for example, or clothing and accessories. Do not let you be reluctant in matching clothes owned. If so, it could be that your appearance will look less attractive.

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