Special 5 Christmas Makeup for You Who Are Super Busy

Makeup is very important to support the appearance, especially for women. The selection of types of makeup such as lipstick to facial makeup will determine the suitability.

Celebrating Christmas must be with attractive makeup to enhance your appearance. If you are really busy, then this Christmas make up tutorial should be tried immediately.


First, Clean Your Face and Use Moisturizer

Wash your face with facial cleansing products that you normally use. Then dry and use a moisturizer evenly on the face and neck. The use of moisturizers will keep your face skin moisturized when wearing makeup for hours.

Use of the Foundation Evenly

Shortly after using a moisturizer, you can immediately use a foundation that matches the color of your skin. For even use, use fingers or a sponge when wiping the moisturizer. Make sure that the moisturizer is applied evenly before you continue the next makeup stage.

Concealer to Disguise Skin Deficiencies

The next stage of makeup is to use concealer. You must use a concealer on the forehead, under the eyes, and the area around the nose bone. In addition, concealer can also be applied to black spots on facial skin. Concealer is very useful to disguise black spots, dark eye bags, and eliminate the impression of a tired face.

Pressed Powder in the Next Stages

If you have used the concealer, then you can immediately use solid powder at a later stage. Spread the powder face on the entire surface of the face and neck. Do not let any part of the face that impressed cakey. Use a makeup brush to form shading around the jawbone. Then the shape of your face will look more proportional.

Switch to Eye Makeup

For those of you who are busy, surely you don’t have much time to be able to dress up, so eye makeup is the only creation that you can use. Use Christmas colors like green or red shimmering for your eyelids. Don’t forget to use eye primer as a base for makeup. Apply the primary eye evenly to the eyelid and eye bones.Next, use shimmering with bright colors so the eyelids look more attractive. If the shimmering has also been used, just reinforce the shape of the eye with eyeliner. Wide eye impression can be obtained by using eyeliner on the lower eyelid. Finally, you just need to use an eyelash curler or mascara so that the eyelashes look more attractive. If you want to arrange your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, don’t overdo it and look unnatural, yeah.

Bright Color Lipstick As The Final Touch

This final touch will perfect your appearance at Christmas. Prepare a flagship lipstick that is brightly colored so that your appearance looks fresh. Apply a thin matte lipstick so that the lip color looks more natural and long-lasting.

In less than 15 minutes, you are ready to look attractive at Christmas. Meeting big families, friends, and relatives is even more fun. Because your face makeup looks modern and you don’t need long to prepare it. Merry celebrates the joy of Christmas with a stunning appearance.

Soft Look (Sumber: silviamcdonald.com)
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Chrismas makeup
Chrismas makeup (Source: silviamcdonald.com)

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