Simple 9 Christmas Hairstyles to Support Your Appearance

It does not feel Christmas just counting the days, not everyone has more time to make elaborate Christmas hairstyles. Although there is still time, there is no harm from now on you sort out the model and hairstyle as to what you will choose later.

You don’t have to go to a salon to do your hair at Christmas. Because, with a little effort and time, you can make your own hair to still look beautiful at Christmas celebrations.


The following are the four practical hairdos for formal occasions for Christmas Hairstyles

1.Hairstyle bun with a brush comb

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Then divides hair into two parts. Then, spray hair on the top of the head (crown) and tease a little so that the hair is taller. Next, adjust the bottom of the hair, place it on the side to form a roll. Then, stick with hair clips and spray hairspray to keep hair in shape.

2. Straight lure Spray hair with a serum to prevent loss

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Long Hair (Source:

Then, iron your hair from root to tip. To make hair shine, spray with serum again. Simple Christmas hairstyles can you try

3. Sweet ribbon First

christmas hairstyles
Christmas hairstyles (Source:

Spray your hair with hairspray and lift the hair with your fingers to create volume. Then, brush your hair lightly and tie it into a ponytail. Add the ribbon as a sweetener and tie on the back, along with the rest of the hair from the ponytail. This hairdo doesn’t need neatness, the mess effect actually gives a beautiful effect.

4. Hair with super volume

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After shampooing, dry hair with a towel, then take the mousse and rub from the roots into the middle of the hair. Then, take a large blow comb and blow the top part of the hair. Let hair stay natural.

To keep up with the Christmas theme, you can outsmart with clips, headbands, hats or other Christmas themed hair accessories.

What are the choices?

1. Starred Hair Pin

pretty hairstyles
Christmas hairstyle (Source:

A touch of a crystal is closely related to Christmas. Star-shaped hair clips are perfect for those of you who don’t want to worry about  Christmas hairstyles.

2. Red Headbands.

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Headbands (Source:

In addition to silver, red is also synonymous with Christmas. Headbands or red headbands that you can mix with any hairstyle. Starting from the natural, tied with ponytails until controlled in a mess.

3. Deer Headbands

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Headbands (Source:

For those of you who want to look funny, you can also use a deer headband or a cute Santa hat.

4. Pearl Hair Clip

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Pearl Hair Clip (Source:

Pearl pins are now a savior for those of you who don’t have the chance to go to the salon

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