Look Charming From Head To Toe With Burgundy Color Will Become A Fashion Color Trend In 2020

Not all colors are able to give a luxurious appearance, when taken in a casual or formal style, such as burgundy. Burgundy is a red derivative, and the color is slightly lighter than oxblood. The color is also identical to the color of red wine. The best color to be applied to materials such as leather. Well, here are some fashion ideas with an elegant burgundy color.

Look Charming From Head To Toe With Burgundy Color Will Become A Fashion Color Trend In 2020

Burgundy Colors Ideas
Burgundy Colors Ideas

1. Burgundy Color Bag

Burgundy Bag
Burgundy Bag – test.ticimaxtest.com

Bags with a burgundy color like a pair that is suitable for use with dresses and shoes with matching colors. This will make you look more elegant than before.

2. Elegant Dress with Burgundy Colors

Burgundy Dress
Burgundy Dress – pinterest.ru.com

Burgundy or red wine color brings a luxurious impression, besides that a burgundy-colored dress will make you look elegant and sexy. Especially if combined with shoes and bags with matching colors.

3. Burgundy Haircolor

Burgundy Hair
Burgundy Hair – pinterest.cl.com

Burgundy hair color is suitable for all skin colors. This bold color similar to red wine can give a beautiful, elegant and mysterious impression at the same time. You can also get this color by using balayage or ombre coloring techniques. Although burgundy hair color looks more concentrated than pastel hair color, it does not mean the color will not fade quickly.

4. Nails Art

Burgundy Nail Art
Burgundy Nail Art – pinterest.nz.com

It seems that burgundy can not only be applied to hair and outfits. You can also apply this color to your nails. Where you can decorate your nails with burgundy color to create a firm and elegant impression.

5. Shoes with Burgundy Colors

Burgundy Shoes
Burgundy Shoes – theglamandglitter.com

Shoes are a fashion item that has been collected by many men and women. Various models and colors of shoes are widely distributed in the market according to trends. Shoe color selection is now no longer limited to safe colors like black, beige, and brown. Bright and striking colors also become a choice. One of them is a burgundy color which will make your legs look elegant.

6. Beautiful Burgundy Makeup

Makeup Burgundy
Makeup Burgundy – pinterest.co.uk.com

This makeup color is indeed classified as bold. So, this makeup is very suitable for you who want to apply it when you are having a night party. This striking burgundy color makes your face dominate at night. Wearing makeup with colors like burgundy is the key to a flawless face. This burgundy eyeshadow also makes the eyes look sharp and firm.

Those are some fashion ideas with a burgundy color. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Flower Wedding Bouquet Colors Ideas visit here.

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