4 Beautiful Outfit Ideas For Petite Beautiful Girls

Having a high proportion with a charming shape will be a dream for everyone. But unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a beautiful body so it will look suitable to wear clothes with any model.

Appearance problems are not only faced by those who are big. For some people who are short and petite, they often have to deal with difficulties determining whether it is a hairstyle, style of dress, or maybe choose what shoes to wear.

Never try color choices so your boss and subordinates look very different. The matching colors you wear can actually enhance your appearance to an elegant level.

Shorts for women
Shorts for women

Look at the following ideas, you will love it!

Alone Tricks

Smart in choosing tops
Smart in choosing tops

Combining tops and bottoms clothes to the owner of a tiny body must also be accompanied by his own tricks. Your short body will not be suitable if you wear tops that reach or exceed knee length. Clothing like this will only make your body look shorter. The recommended upper limit for tops is on the pelvis or slightly below it. With this style, your body will look taller than it really is.

Fit in the Body

body fitting outfits
body-fitting outfits

For those who have a large body is usually advised to choose clothes that are slightly larger in size. The goal is to trick the eye from the actual body shape. But different things actually have to be done by those who have small bodies. Wearing clothes that are too big will cause you to borrow clothes. Therefore, to enhance your appearance, use the most appropriate clothing on your body. Wearing clothes that fit your body will make your body look a little form where this can create a ‘big’ impression.

V-neck Collar

V neck collar Outfits
V neck collar Outfits

Short stature people usually tend to have short necks too. For this reason, you must be very good at deceiving by choosing clothes that have a V-neck neckline. Although this does not necessarily make your body level, this trick can fool the view of people who see it, so they tend to see your body look tall. In addition to the v-neck collar that you can adopt, another suggestion is to avoid the collar that covers the neck. Wearing clothes that cover the neck tends to make your shortcomings more visible.

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