9 Trendy Fashion Items You Can Try From Grunge Style Aesthetic For Edgy Look

Fashion Item Grunge Style
Fashion Item Grunge Style

Grunge style is a style that is quite phenomenal in the fashion industry. The grunge display first appeared in Seattle in the late 80s and early 90s. Grunge style popularized by the same wing music that was carried by bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Stone Temple Pilots in the ’90s. The success of these bands increased the popularity of alternative rock and made grunge more popular than rock music at the time.

The concept of grunge can be said to be a style that does not follow the rules. The main principle of this look is a style that is not too polished. Don’t match too much and it should look ‘a little’ messy. Therefore, the characteristics of fashion items from grunge style such as loose size or oversize, the color are chosen tend to fade and wear items that are somewhat worn.

Like some fashion items that you can try from the grunge style that is currently popular.

9 Trendy Fashion Items You Can Try From Grunge Style Aesthetic For Edgy Look

1. Flannel Shirt

Flannel Shirt
Flannel Shirt – sk.pinterest.com

One of the keys to grunge clothing is the flannel shirt. Usually, those who like this style will choose a flannel shirt with a color that is somewhat faded and has a size that is loose or oversized. The color chosen for the flannel shirt is red which is the color of grunge style pride. Flannel shirts are usually used as outer with plain shirts or printed shirts on the inside appearance.

2. T-Shirt and Crop Top

T Shirt
T-Shirt – stylemann.com
Crop Top
Crop Top – upbeatsoles.com

It’s not only the flannel shirt that is the identity of the grunge style. T-shirts are also a part of the grunge style. T-shirts become an attractive blend when combined with a flannel shirt to complement your indifferent appearance and tend not to care. In addition, choose a t-shirt with neutral or monochrome colors like black. Apart from that crop top is also a part of grunge style. These types of outfits are used to display the abdomen.

3. Oversized Knitwear

Oversized Knitwear
Oversized Knitwear – etsy.com

Knitwear is also commonly used in grunge-style appearance. Usually used with models that are slightly loose or oversized. For an alternative cardigan, you can choose a sweater patterned with a Breton style that is also identical to the grunge style. If you want to look a little neater, you can complete the look with black jeans and Chelsea boots.

4. Ripped Jeans

Ripped Jeans
Ripped Jeans – pinterest.ie.com

Ripped jeans are another staple of grunge style. The quality of grunge style jeans you should pay attention to. Usually, the jeans used are jeans that are faded, a little loose and have a slightly faded color.

5. Jogger Pants

Jogger Pants
Jogger Pants – fr.aliexpress.com

Jogger pants are pants that have the characteristic of using rubber on the opening leg. These pants are usually made of parachutes. But now many people are using other materials such as Twill which are used for chino pants, spandex, canvas, to leather. Jogger pants are one of the pants besides jeans that are easily combined with various clothes. Being pants that are usually worn by grunge kids besides jeans.

6. Boots

Boots – pinterest.ph.com

Grunge music lovers are loyal to their boots with laces. Usually, boots will complement your look to be bolder. The selected shoes tend to be higher. For women usually wear boots with a height that almost reaches their knees.

7. High Top Shoes

High Top
High Top – weheartit.com

Other grunge-themed shoes like high top shoes. Usually what is used is rather worn with the color is a bit faded. With the courage to explore and be creative, high top shoes do not always give the impression of childishness when used. Instead, hight top sneakers will succeed in creating a cool and sexy impression with a blend of clothing that can be adjusted to your personality.

8. Beanie Hats And Scarf

Beanie Hats
Beanie Hats – pinterest.de.com
Scarf for Girl
Scarf for Girl – tr.pinterest.com
Scarf – pinterest.nz.com

Grunge-style lovers rarely wear hats, but beanies are sometimes seen adorning the heads of grunge boys and girls. You can choose beanies with dark colors that look a little faded. But for those of you who don’t want to wear beanies, you can try wearing a scarf. A scarf is a piece of cloth that is worn around the neck, head or shoulders to complement fashion, whether casual or formal. But usually, grunge kids wear a scarf in their heads section.

9. Perforated Stockings

Stocking – tr.pinterest.com

Although it certainly won’t warm your body, hollow stockings are an important part of a grunge woman’s clothes. You can combine these stockings with a black baby doll dress, old boots, and bright red lipstick.

Those are some trendy fashion item ideas that you can try from the grunge style that seems cool but still fashionable. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Wedding Head Accessories Inspirations visit here.

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