9 Men’s Fashion Items Will Become a Popular Trend in 2020

Men's Fashion Items
Men’s Fashion Items

In recent years, men’s fashion has developed very rapidly along with the development of E-commerce. This certainly makes it easier for men to choose the desired fashion items. The men became more flexible in choosing the desired style of dress. Especially in 2020 has just begun. Fashion trends will usually change over the years. For you men, the fashion trends of 2020 will be dominated by super simple fashion items such as cross-body bags, or appear bold with animal skin-patterned clothing.

Like some of the following fashion items that can be your street style inspiration.

9 Men’s Fashion Items Will Become a Popular Trend in 2020

1. Cross-body Bags

Cross Body Bags
Cross-Body Bags – imall.com

Bags that are crossed at this body have started to trend last year, but in 2020 this body cross bag will become a trend and more popular. This simple bag is suitable for use when relaxing and traveling. With this super simple fashion item, you can put your most important items in a small bag. But, make no mistake, cross-body bags can still make you look fashionable.

2. Cuban Collar Shirt

Cuban Collar Shirt
Cuban Collar Shirt – when.sale.com

Cuban collar shirts become a summer fashion trend. The unique collar style and short sleeves make this top best suited for casual activities or just hang out with friends. In addition, Cuban collar shirts are usually patterned firm and brightly colored. You can combine a Cuban collar shirt with chino pants and glasses. You will look stylish even though the sun is shining hot.

3. Flare Pants

Flare Pants
Flare Pants – aliexpress.com

The hype flares pants fashion trend in the 70s will be back again in 2020. These pants models are generally sized right at the top of the foot and widened below. Flare pants are best suited for a slim fit top.

4. Knee-length Pants

Knee Lenght Pants
Knee Lenght Pants – aliexpress.com

These pants have a length below the knee. These pants are very suitable to wear to protect wearers from the sun during the summer but want to have a style that is okay. These knee-length pants are generally bold and brightly colored.

5. Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket Men
Leather Jacket Men – pinterest.cl.com

Streetwear style is inherent in a leather jacket, but apparently you can also get a smart look if you choose a plain leather jacket without many variations or zippers. Then mix this plain leather jacket with a white shirt, tie, and slim-fit trousers plus leather shoes. One of these contemporary fashion items you can also use to formal events by wearing a slim fit inner shirt, whether it’s a patterned shirt, a plain, or a flannel shirt.

6. Pants Over The Waist

High Waisted Men Pants
High Waisted Men Pants – pinterest.com

Pants over the waist make us feel like a flashback to the 1940s. You can combine it with a slim fit shirt that fits your body.

7. Patchwork Prints

Patchwork Printed Shirt
Patchwork Printed Shirt – us.newchic.com

Men will look disappointed when wearing a patchwork top or bottom. As a reference, you can wear a plain white shirt combined with a patchwork patterned shirt worn as an outer. You can also wear patchwork shirts with dark-colored pants to add an elegant feel.

8. Sandals Two Straps

Sandals With Two Strap
Sandals With Two Strap – yandex.com.tr.com
Men's Sandal
Men’s Sandal – solidrop.net.com

At first glance sandals with a double strap will look like a gladiator. But, this one is different. This minimalist two-strap sandal model will make you look more stylish. This sandal is the most fitting for you who like boho style. Double strap sandals make you look cooler when you step. You can combine it with jeans, materials, or flared for a more relaxed impression.

9. Vest

Men's Vest
Men’s Vest – imall.com

The collection of contemporary fashion that you must have to attend various formal events is a vest. The vest can be used as a substitute for a suit that is best fitted with a long sleeve shirt. This combination will also make you appear smarter and smarter. Because there are also many types of vest-making materials, you can adjust the settings for the vest with friends who will be attending the event.

Those are some fashion items that will trend in 2020. Hopefully, inspire you. If you want to read another article from us about Men’s Summer Work Outfits visit here.


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