9 Fabulous Coat Models Men Must Have To Keep Them Warm With A Fashionable Touch

Coat Models Men Must Have
Coat Models Men Must Have

The coat is one of the fashion items that are usually used as an outer. This type of clothing is a long shirt worn by men and women to protect the body to stay warm and at the same time part of the fashion style. In accordance with its function, the coat is worn when facing weather or winter. But now, the function of jackets and coats is not only as a body warmer but as part of fashion so that men look cool and trendy.

Men’s coats have many types. Like some types of men’s coats that you must have in order to make you look more fashionable while still keeping your body warm.

9 Fabulous Coat Models Men Must Have To Keep Them Warm With A Fashionable Touch

1. Classic Coat

Classic Coat
Classic Coat – zalando.co.uk.com

Many men consider that the type of classic coat looks boring when worn because the design is considered outdated. In fact, this type of coat is very suitable to wear when the weather is cold. The classic design will give an elegant and exclusive impression to your appearance. Especially if your body is proportional, wearing a classic coat will make you look more authoritative and your body looks more robust.

2. Duffle Coat

Duffle Coat
Duffle Coat – hbx.com

The duffle coat is a coat made of wool and became a popular coat in the 1800s created by British designers. This coat was popularized by the British military after World War II when they released the advantages of this coat to the public. Since then, artists, students, and intellectuals have begun to use it. Although this coat was originally a Poland “priest” coat named John Partridge. Duffle coat works well with jeans or chinos, sweaters, and boots, brogue, or sneakers. His trademark is the large bag at the front and there are four or six buttons at the front of the chest. The material for the buttons is mostly of connective wood.

3. Mackintosh Coat

Mackintosh Coat
Mackintosh Coat – x-goods.net.com

This coat was created by a Scottish chemist named Charles Macintosh in 1823. Where the ‘Mac’ coat features a unique waterproof material that protects the body from rain, hail, and even snow. The Mac coat is perfect for office wear and is flexible enough to wear them with sneakers.

4. Overcoat

Overcoat – yandex.com.tr.com

This coat is a cool outer even without having to add other outfits. Not only for winter, this coat is a fashion item that is also suitable for use in autumn and spring and is usually worn depending on the material.

5. Parka Coat

Parka Coat
Parka Coat – famecart.com

This type of coat comes from the Inuit or Eskimo people to protect the body from extreme cold. Characteristics of a jacket or parka coat are generally waterproof, with a hoodie and without a front opening or zipper. Even sometimes have drawstrings on the waist and cuffs. Now, parkas are not only used in cold weather but can also be worn in a variety of casual events and are suitable for use with jeans and sneakers.

6. Pea Coat

Pea Coat
Pea Coat – peacoatburberry.blogspot.com

Initially, this coat was designed for “reefers”, that is, sailors who climb sailboat refineries. The classic pea coat has a right hook, a slight curve to the waist, and extends to about the hips. Another feature of this coat is having a wide collar, double-breasted buttons or double-row buttons made of metal, wood, or plastic, and pockets on the sides. This coat is suitable for use in offices or smart casual displays on weekends.

7. Puffer Coat

Puffer Coat
Puffer Coat – pinterest.com.au.com

The Puffer coat has a very practical and modern design. The warm material makes the puffer coat suitable to wear in winter. This coat has a material that looks puff alias, so it will give the impression of your body fuller. Therefore, this coat is suitable for you who have a thin body so it looks more robust.

8. Trench Coat

Trench Coat
Trench Coat – pinterest.ph.com

A trench coat is a type of coat that is lightweight, short, but waterproof. Like Duffle, this coat was popularized initially by Humphrey Bogart and other Hollywood actors. This coat is made of waterproof material, has 10 front buttons, a wide collar, a belt at the waist, and a strap around the wrist. This coat also has a shoulder strap close to the button and has a traditional khaki color. If you have a tall body, a trench coat is a right choice, especially if you want to look formal. You can choose a brown trench coat and brown camel with the right size on your body.

9. V-neck Coat

V Neck Coat
V-Neck Coat – shirtsclothing.com

This coat is characterized by a large and elongated triangle shape. The inverted triangle type depicts a body shape with a larger waist up and slender legs. For those of you who like the sleek look, you can choose this type of coat to make the upper body look slimmer to be proportionate. V-neck coat with a neck forming the letter V will give the illusion of slimmer. Conversely, avoid coats with pointy shoulders because it will make your shoulders look wider and disproportionate.

Those are some ideas and inspiration for the coat models that men must have to keep them warm yet also stylish and fashionable. If you want to read other articles from us about Gorgeous Colors For Wedding Cakes visit here.

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