9 Cozy Model Jeans Pants For Women Who Want To Look Stylish And Attractive

Model Jeans Pants For Women
Model Jeans Pants For Women

Jeans are a favorite of all people, both old and young. These pants are owned by almost everyone. Because even without other outfits, jeans have an appeal that can make anyone who wears them more stylish. But as a woman, you need to know about the type of jeans that you will wear so that later you are not mistaken and instead make you uncomfortable when wearing them.

Well, we will give some ideas for women jeans that you can try.

9 Cozy Model Jeans Pants For Women Who Want To Look Stylish And Attractive

1. Bowl Cut Jeans

Bowl Cut Jeans
Bowl Cut Jeans – yxotrade.top.com

For you who have a tall and slim body, you will be very fit to use this one pair of jeans. These jeans are characterized by stitching patterns that have a pointed tip. Where the characteristics of the stitches are straight to the knee and then the stitches are wider to the legs. You can also find boot cut jeans that are higher than ankles or 7/8.

2. Embroidered Jeans

Embroidered Women's Jeans
Embroidered Women’s Jeans – pinterest.dk.com

This one pair of jeans has a unique look, which has embroidery that we can make as you wish. The applique is generally accustomed to jeans, which are located on one side, both sides, in the pocket until the applique reaches the length of the thigh.

3. Flared Jeans

Flared Jeans
Flared Jeans – pinterest.co.uk.com

These jeans were popular among the people in the 90s because it was called similar to the shape of Elvis Presley’s singer pants. The hallmark of these pants is that they have a wider end of the pants. For you who have a tall and slim body, it looks like these pants will be very suitable. In addition, women with body shapes such as pears that have large thighs and calves can also wear them because these jeans can cover the large part.

4. Jeggings Jeans

Jeggings – m.alibaba.com

Jegging is an acronym for jeans leggings which are basically denim pants made of denim. These pants are flexible so that anyone can wear them because they can adjust your body shape. You can use jegging with dark colors like black and blue denim so that the jeans look more attractive because it doesn’t look like using leggings.

5. Ripped Jeans

Ripped Jeans
Ripped Jeans – denim.fit.com

Ripped jeans are associated with rock music singers in the world. But before these jeans were popularized by workers in earlier times who accidentally tore his pants at work. Nowadays, ripped jeans are popularized again with various types of torn jeans. Ripped jeans were originally only produced with tears in the knee, but with developments and fashion changes, making various types of tears in all parts of the jeans. Like the thighs and calves.

6. Short Jeans Or Hotpants

Short Jeans
Short Jeans – guide.alibaba.com

Hotpants or short ladies’ jeans are the modern way to use jeans. These pants have lengths above the knee and some pants can be very short like half of your thigh. These pants are perfect for women who want to show off your long legs. Some shorts give the impression of being ripped like being cut from long jeans that look like they have threads of jeans coming out.

7. Skinny Crop Jeans

Skinny Crop Jeans
Skinny Crop Jeans – pinterest.ru.com

At first glance, these pants are similar to skinny jeans, but they are different. The difference lies in the length of the jeans. Skinny crop jeans have a shorter size, many people mention it with size 7/8. Some crop jeans add folds under the jeans to add aesthetics.

8. Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans – uk.euphoria-mall.com

Skinny Jeans, as the name suggests, these jeans are so tight that they form and show your lower body curves. If you have slim and tiny feet you can use these jeans. However, for those of you who have a body in the shape of a pear or have problems with the shape of a large thigh or calf you need to avoid using skinny jeans. Because tight curves will make you uncomfortable. Skinny jeans have many types, such as low, medium and high waist cuts.

9. Straight Leg Jeans

Straight Leg Jeans
Straight Leg Jeans – couponbirds.com

These jeans are pants with a straight leg and a little wide from the waist to the ankles and are certainly not tight and make your legs look more level than before. These jeans are suitable for use by all women. Straight leg jeans also have a variety of waist heights. In order to support the appearance to look slimmer and taller, you can use straight leg jeans with high waists and mix them with clothes that are inserted into the jeans.

Well, those are some jeans that you should know ladies, so you can adjust to your body shape when you wear them. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about 12+ Best Tuxedo Color visit here.

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