9 Best Shirt and Pants Combination Ideas That Will Make You Look Cool

Shirts become one of everyone’s favorite outfits. We will never be bored to wear shirts in all seasons. Especially if the shirt is combined with pants, it will make you more stylish and handsome.

You can combine your shirts with various other outfits to complete your appearance. But you also have to keep wearing an outfit that makes you stay comfortable to wear it.

Shirt and Pants Combination Ideas
Shirt and Pants Combination Ideas

Apart from that you also combine your shirts according to the style you have. If you are confused, we will give you ideas for a combination of shirts and pants with various other outfits that will make your appearance look more stylish and cool, of course.

9 Best Shirt and Pants Combination Ideas That Will Make You Look Cool

1. Men’s in Suit Style

Men's Suit
Men’s Suit – pinterest.se.com
Men's Fashion Dress
Men’s Fashion Dress – pinterest.es.com

Well, for this one suit no doubt. This suit, which is perfect for going to work, will make you look even more authoritative. You can combine solid colors for the suit. You can also choose to complete it with a tie or not.

2. Men’s Shirt Outfits

Men Casual Wear Fashion
Men Casual Wear Fashion – sk.pinterest.com
Men White Shirt Outfits
Men White Shirt Outfits – batialanya.com
Men's Fashion Pants
Men’s Fashion Pants – in.pinterest.com

You can combine light-colored shirts with dark-colored pants. This one style is perfect for you who will go on a date because the casual type that this style has is so relaxed but still looks neat. You can choose to use loafers or sneakers.

3. Men’s Fashion Cardigan

Cardigan Men
Cardigan Men – pinterest.fr.com
Grey Cardigan And Jeans for Men
Grey Cardigan And Jeans for Men – pinterest.es.com
Shirt And Jeans Pants
Shirt And Jeans Pants – stylemann.com

Cardigan with a shirt seems to be a solid couple. You will look like a handsome worker but still authoritative. You can also combine a striped shirt with a cardigan, or you can use a cardigan to attach to the shoulder only.

4. Men’s Jeans Shirt Style

Men Jeans Fashion
Men Jeans Fashion – medium.com

This style is perfect for you who want to look relaxed but still neat. You can combine shirts with jeans, or you can also try to combine jeans shirts with pants.

5. Men’s Shirt And Rompi

Men's Shirt And Rompi
Men’s Shirt And Rompi – pinterest.fr.com
Vest Suit
Vest Suit – 12.excitingads.com

By using a vest, your body will be more visible. Especially for you who have abs. You will be increasingly crazy about women of course.

6. Men’s Fashion Sweater Shirt

Men Fashion Casual Dress
Men Fashion Casual Dress – tcg-buzz.com
Men's Fashion Sweater Pants
Men’s Fashion Sweater Pants – in.pinterest.com

The sweater is very suitable for use in winter because the material is usually rather thick will make our bodies warm. Especially if combined with a shirt, wow surely you will look cute but still handsome.

7 Men’s Short Shirt Style

Men Formal Pants Style
Men Formal Pants Style – tr.pinterest.com
Men's Shirt Summer
Men’s Shirt Summer – pinterest.nz.com

For this style, you can use one in the summer. You can combine short-sleeved shirts with short or long pants.

8. Men’s Striped Shirt and Pants

Stripped Shirt And Pants
Stripped Shirt And Pants – pinterest.com.au.com

In addition to a plain shirt, you can also combine a striped shirt with your pants. Coupled with a tie will make you look very authoritative.

9. Men’s Shirt And T-Shirt Combination

Men Jeans Fashion Ideas
Men Jeans Fashion Ideas – pinterest.fr.com
Shirt And T Shirt Combination
Shirt And T-Shirt Combination – e2k.ekrishok.com

Well, for this one style you can use it when going on a picnic or dating your girlfriend. He will be more fascinated because of you.

Those are some ideas for a combination of shirts and pants that you can try. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Makeup Ideas for Women in 50 visits here.

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