8 Lovely Wedding Head Accessories Inspirations For Beautiful Bridal

Wedding Head Accessories
Wedding Head Accessories

At the wedding, everything must be well prepared. Ranging from decorations, wedding dresses, hairstyles to makeup. Especially women who always want to look beautiful, especially on her wedding day.

Women should pay attention to their appearance from head to toe. To beautify the appearance, hairdo must be attractive. Additional hair accessories can sweeten a woman’s appearance on the wedding day.

Like some of the following inspirational head accessories that you can try on your wedding day.

8 Lovely Wedding Head Accessories Inspirations For Beautiful Bridal

1. Flower Crown

Flower Crown
Flower Crown – marylball.com

The flower crown is a crown arranged from flowers, twigs, and leaves. Nowadays flower crowns are not only made of fresh flowers, but many versions of fake flowers are used because they are more durable and economical. This accessory is suitable for you who take a bohemian theme for your marriage.

2. Headpiece

Headpiece – atunda.co.com

The headpiece is accessories or trinkets attached to the head on women made of copper with the shape of gold and pearl chains and other sweeteners. There are many types of headpieces that you will find. You can choose the right one and attract the attention of anyone who sees it, from simple but elegant shapes to glamorous ones

3. Headband

Headband – pinterest.com.au.com

The headband is usually worn by being tied around the head, the shape and type are different. More identical headbands worn by gypsy women. Headband for brides usually uses gemstones or crystals and is made of an elastic material such as a ribbon or even a wire.

4. Hairpin

Hairpin – alibaba.com
Hairpin for Hair
Hairpin for Hair – imall.com

Hairpin is the easiest creation for bridal hair. Shaped like a pin studded with crystal eyes, pearls, sequins or others. Use only by pinning hairpin on hair. You will look very beautiful by using this hairpin.

5. Haircomb

Haircomb – pinterest.it.com
Haircomb for Hair
Haircomb for Hair – pinterest.co.uk.com

Haircomb or better known as hair circum. Haircomb for brides usually uses gemstones to sweeten their shape. You can use a hair comb on special days. You can give an attractive and stronger impression when grabbing hair while giving the impression of neat hair.

6. Tiara

Tiara – etsy.com

Tiara is a crown in general, which has diamond or diamond eyes, but the difference is the shape of the smaller tiara and the diamond eye that is located at the top of the head making it stand out. Tiara has a variety of models, some have multiple eyes and are spread out, others have only one eye stone in the middle. Usually, the tiara is worn at the top and pinned to the left-right side of the head in a tilted position.

7. Headscarf

Headscarf – africanboutique.in.com

The headscarf is one item that can make your hair look more beautiful. In addition, a headscarf can be the best solution to hide your bad hair day. The headscarf can be a choice of accessories that you can use during your wedding.

8. Bandana

Bandana – pinterest.ie.com

Bandana is one of the accessories in the head area, in addition to a bandana hat is an option to complete the outfit that we use. Bandana originally came from India. The Indian bandana is made of colored silk cloth and is decorated with white or yellow spots or other colors.

Those are some inspirational head accessories that you can try on your wedding day. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about 12 Chic Summer Wedding Guest Dresses visit here.

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