7 Unique Nail Art Ideas and Designs Inspired by Food That Will Make You Amazed

Food Nails Art
Food Nails Art

The trend of the world of women’s beauty is growing. One of them is Nails Art. Where nails art is one that can support your appearance. The art of nail painting is now increasingly innovative. Even women can decorate nails that can be shaped as you wish.

Nails Art today with three-dimensional (3D) images that look real. One form of nail art that is quite interesting is shaped like food or decorated as if it is very similar to the shape and color of food. Like some of the following nail art ideas that are shaped and colored like food.

7 Unique Nail Art Ideas and Designs Inspired by Food That Will Make You Amazed

1. Corn nail art

Corn Nails Art
Corn Nails Art – p.ozzelservis.xyz.com

If you usually decorate nails using only one color, now you can find corn-shaped nail art. See, nail art this one is really similar to corn coupled with corn skin decoration at the base of the nail.

2. Egg Nail Art

Egg Nails Art
Egg Nails Art – www.nailpolis.com

This nail art looks like a fried egg. Egg shape like this can make anyone want to touch it. For those of you who like to style with a colorful outfit, this one nail art you can follow, ladies.

3. Fruits Nails Art

Fruit Nails Art
Fruit Nails Art – stylecaster.com

One of the most famous nails art creations is fruit-shaped nail art. This model is very suitable to be applied to your nails in summer. A refreshing and colorful fruit will make your nails look attractive.

4. Pizza Nails Art

Pizza Nails Art
Pizza Nails Art – pinterest.com

You also decorate your nails with this form of junk food. In addition to hamburgers, you can apply a pizza form to your nails. Wahh, just looking at it makes anyone feel hungry.

5. Sushi Nail Art

Sushi Nails
Sushi Nails – tumbex.com

Healthy sushi will be very sweet if applied to your nails. You can use similar colored nail polish or 2d pictures for your nails. However, if you use 3D nail art, you should be more careful when touching anything, so that the items on the nails don’t come off quickly, ladies.

6. Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheese Nails Art
Swiss Cheese Nails Art – jfwonline.com

The shape is made as closely as possible with Swiss cheese. Swiss cheese manicures are very popular and are suitable for sunny summer days. Of all the food-themed nail art, Swiss cheese form nails are the most popular in summer.

7. Sweet Chocolate And Donuts

Donut Nails Art
Donut Nails Art – pinterest.ie.com
Nails Chocolate
Nails Chocolate – www.pinterest.com.au.com

Sweet and crispy donut nail art as if it looks real, ladies? Well, this nail art is really suitable, for you lovers of sweet foods like donuts. Do you want to try this nail art style?

Or you can also decorate your nails with brown nail polish and make as close as possible to the shape of chocolate. Whoever sees it will fall in love. Who refused these two women’s favorite snacks.

Well, how about ladies, interested in decorating your nails with shapes and colors similar to food. If so, you can try your ideas. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Men’s Fashion Items Will Become a Popular Trend in 2020 visit here.

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