7 Sweet Cake Ideas That Can Be an Alternative To Your Wedding Cake

Sweet Food for Wedding
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Wedding Cake is one of the important things and can be a concern for many people. Not only about the bride and groom procession, they carried out, but the small details in the wedding also were not unnoticed. Wedding cake display one of them. Generally, the first choice is a cake wrapped in a pond or icing that is shaped in such a way, from the simple shape to the one that looks well with complicated shapes and so forth.

Apparently there are many other alternatives as a substitute for cake in a wedding cake. Some foods that you usually eat can be substituted. With a neat and beautiful order, in fact, these seven sweet foods actually become an attractive alternative for wedding cakes. Like some wedding cakes that have different taste and appearance below.

7 Sweet Cake Ideas That Can Be an Alternative To Your Wedding Cake

1. Choux

Choux Sweet
Choux Sweet – pinterest.se.com

A choux is a round donut shaped like a mini donut with the same ingredients as an eclair. Choux can be arranged to form a tall tower as well, making the colors surrounding it look striking to enliven the party atmosphere. To enjoy it is also quite easy because only one is taken one at a time and comes with a sweet taste found in the cream in it.

2. Cupcake

Cup Cake
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Usually, after the cake cutting is done, the cake will be cut by the catering department to be distributed to guests. But by choosing a cupcake this no longer needs to be done, guests can easily pick up the cupcake that he wants to remain in a whole and beautiful shape.

3. Macaroon

Macaroon – tr.pinterest.com

A macaron is popular these days. For those of you who are anti-mainstream, why not make Macaron an option. Macaroon will be a perfect complement to a wedding theme with a dominant pastel hue. In addition to the sweet and elegant round shape, this cake also has many choices of flavors that can be stacked together to form macaroon towers in large quantities.

4. Meringue or Pavlova

Meringue – pinterest.co.uk.com
Pavlova – pinterest.se.com

Meringue or Pavlova can also be used as a substitute for cake. Moreover, Meringue and Pavlova shapes can also be arranged as you decorate a wedding cake. You can play directly on meringue and pavlova colors. Also, add a variety of fruits to make the shape more lively.

5. Dessert Options

Dessert Options
Dessert Options – pinterest.com.au.com

Wedding cakes do not have to always be in the form of one type of cake. Wedding cakes can also be served in the form of many pieces of cake that can be consumed in one meal. You can choose a variety of flavors and shapes of pastry. Wedding cakes like this can also be served on small plates or cups with a touch of creative cake decoration. Such as Pies, Donuts, Waffles, and other sweet food cakes.

6. Pancakes and Crepes

Pancake – fabmood.com
Crepes – ww65.flatpig.co.uk.com

Round and thin pancakes and crepes are very easy to stack and then arranged to be a substitute for wedding cakes. You just need to decorate it with the addition of fresh fruits to give color. For the purposes of decoration, you can also slip a flower that is commonly used to decorate a cake so that it looks beautiful.

7. Rice Crispy

Rice Crispy
Rice Crispy – pinterest.co.uk.com

If you have a cheaper budget. Crispy rice can be an option to replace your wedding cake. All you have to do is add some decorations like ribbons and flowers to make it more interesting. Even if you want to look even more lively, you can play with colors from each crispy rise level.

Those are some sweet cake ideas to replace your wedding cake that you can make an inspiration. If you want to read another article from us about Women’s Flannel Outfits visit here.

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