7 Style Comfortable and Stylish Women’s Shirts for Work

Women’s shirts are fashionable clothes that can be a mainstay for women. shirts can be used for formal or semi-formal pickles. A shirt is a fashion object whose popularity has never dropped. This top with button and collar is suitable for men and women of all ages, from children to adults to the elderly.

There are times when you feel bored with that shirt. Want to buy a new one, but there are still many old shirts. To overcome boredom, you should mix and match shirts with various types of subordinates or other outfits such as a vest, outer, also tank tops.

Women's shirts
Women’s shirts

  1. Korean style shirt

Korean style shirt

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Korean style is one of the most popular fashion trends. There is nothing wrong if you want Korean style. Choose a shirt that really makes you comfortable and displays your persona as a whole. Don’t get trapped for a moment! When you feel comfortable with the clothes you wear, you will appear confident and look more attractive.


  1. Floral Motif Shirt

Floral Motif Shirt

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With a model that is relatively loose in the body so you are not easily hot when wearing it. Because the design is casual, you can use these Women’s shirts when you come to campus to watch concerts, discussions, or join group meetings. With a fresh tropical floral print, this shirt is suitable for sunny summer.


  1. Gracia SL

Women’s shirts

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Dedang looking for a beautiful shirt to make it look more cheerful and cool when seen. Maybe you can choose a shirt made of this wolfish fabric. The fabric is smooth, falling and light in character, and feels cool and comfortable.


  1. Lasercut Twin Shirt

Lasercut Twin Shirt

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This short-sleeve shirt is available in two colors, white and navy. You can combine it with baggy pants or other fabric pants. Because the size of the shirt is quite short (slightly below the navel), it should not be worn by a protruding belly.

Plain shirts sometimes look boring. If you want to get a different mood, you can wear a plain shirt decorated with laser-cut details on the sleeves and the lower end. With the edges of a squiggly lace shirt, this shirt looks cute and is far from boring.

5. H&M HMB Collar Women’s shirts

H&M HMB Collar Shirt

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This type of hem is easily combined with any subordinate, both pants and any skirt. In addition, available color choices, from black, white, maroon, dusty pink, to light green. Collecting multiple colors? Why not?

6. T-Shirt POP U Sunny Camp S / S

POP U Sunny Camp S/S Shirt

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Many people like to wear oversized clothes because they feel comfortable. On the other hand, they don’t want to look big. To work around this, you can wear this shirt. Equipped with a strap around the waist, this shirt can be stretched to make a sleek illusion. This shirt can be an option for those of you who want to look neat with short-sleeved hem.

7. Gilena Women’s shirts


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Want to look simple, but still look chic and stylish? Use this Gilena Army shirt, whose arms can be folded easily. Made from cool premium cotton, this shirt is ready to be a costume and for a day of activities without fear of heat.


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