7 Best Colors Ideas For Ballerina Nail Art In Summer Time

Ballerina Nail Art
Ballerina Nail Art

Summer is synonymous with something bright and cheerful. No exception looks stunning with the chic style of dress and makeup in the hot sun. But, besides that, try to look unique with a touch of nail art. Beautiful nails will certainly make someone look more attractive. Especially with the following nails art color ideas.

7 Best Colors Ideas For Ballerina Nail Art In Summer Time

1. Baby Blue

Blue with Glitter
Blue with Glitter – yandex.com

The most beautiful color for your nails. The impression given by this blue color is freshness, friendliness, and also cooling. Therefore, the baby blue color is often the choice of many fashion people including nails with baby blue colors. Warana is suitable and suitable for summer or tropical because not only is the color beautiful but also provides a cooling effect for the wearer.

2. Neon Green

Neon Green
Neon Green – heycinderella.com

Neon green is an eccentric color. For those of you who are souls who have a brave, free and like striking color, this color is perfect for you. Decorating your nails with neon green not only makes your nails beautiful but also looks radiant.

3. Peach

Peach Nails
Peach Nails – pinterest.fr.com

A peach color is an orange group, of course, this color is formed from yellow to red. Peach is a soft pastel color that is loved by many women. Pastel colors are indeed being used a lot because they describe a gentle and feminine personality. Decorating nails with this color not only gives the impression of a sweet and feminine but also strengthens the summer.

4. Pink

Pink Coffin Nails Art
Pink Coffin Nails Art – idolover.com

Pink is produced from the magenta color pigment. Mixed with certain composition and accurately to produce the exact color as desired. Therefore, pink is no longer the primary color. Pink is always synonymous with women and feminine. This color is perfect for summer colors with peach, yellow and green.

5. Violet

Pretty Nails Art
Pretty Nails Art – pinterest.nz.com

Violet is a mixture of red and blue. It’s just more violet bluish and darker. This beautiful color is perfect for your nails.

6. White

White Nails
White Nails – pinterest.com.au.com

If you want a classic and elegant touch. You must choose white for your appearance Ladies. Including decorating your nails with this white color. Your nails will be more elegant.

7. Yellow

Yellow Nails Art
Yellow Nails Art – polishandpearls.com

Summer without the touch of the sun is indeed incomplete. Of course, sunset tones nail art paintings are very easy. Because only need to use this yellow nail polish. Guaranteed your summer will be colorful.

Well, those are some nail art color ideas that are suitable for summer. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Fashion Beach Wear Inspirations For Men’s visit here.

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