6 Women’s Flannel Outfits to Campus You Must Know

Women’s Flannel Outfits
Women’s Flannel Outfits – pinterest.es.com

Flannel is a designation for outfits made of wool with plaid motifs and comes in gradations of basic colors such as black, red and dark blue. Flannel has been around since 1970 and is a retro style. The trend of flannel used to be an outfit required to hang out or go to campus, now the trend of flannel happening again. You could say, the flannel outfit is one of the classic outfits that can be worn all the time. Need inspiration for a more contemporary style of the campus.

Initially, the flannel only came in outfits in the form of shirts. And become everyone’s favorite outfits when going to campus or just hang out with friends. But as the times evolve, flannel is now present in various models and colors. Like some of the following flannel outfits.

6 Women’s Flannel Outfits to Campus You Must Know

1. Classic Flannel Shirts

Flannel Shirt
Flannel Shirt – buyudumcocukoldum.com

This item with a touch of flannel is always a favorite that can be worn by women or men. A flannel shirt is a unisex fashion item that can be adjusted to the wearer’s personality. For style on campus, you can count on a flannel shirt paired with blue or black jeans and sneakers. Then, wear a shirt with neutral long outerwear to give a more up-to-date touch.

2. Crop Flannel For Casual Style

Crop Flannel
Crop Flannel – impressionbelles.com

Basically, a flannel shirt is suitable for casual wear because it looks casual. But if you are bored with flannel shirts, you can try crop flannel. The combination of a shirt with crop top pieces that is very suitable when combined with high-waist pants. That way, your body’s silhouette will increasingly level even though wearing flat shoes. Complete the look with an adorable mini sling bag to wear to campus.

 3. Flannel jacket

Flannel Jacket
Flannel Jacket – swsbusiness.en.made-in-china.com
Jacket Flannel
Jacket Flannel – m.alibaba.com

A flannel jacket consists of flannel shirt pieces that are combined with a jacket cover. This will make the resulting display become an attractive casual look if worn on campus.

4. Flannel Patterned Pants

Flannel Pants
Flannel Pants – www.pinterest.fr.com

Besides crop flannel, now flannel is also present in the pants model. Patterned pants that are thick with 90’s style is perfect for you who want to look comfortable and stylish. You can choose pants with loose or skinny pieces that you can mix and match with plain shirts or sweaters if it’s the rainy season. Things to consider when wearing flannel motif pants is to avoid wearing patterned tops so that the display can focus on one item. Outfit with a hit-and-bust motif that is too crowded will make you unsightly while on campus all day.

5. Flannel Skirt For Look Street Style

Flannel Skirt
Flannel Skirt – ambon.go.id.com
Flannel Long Skirt
Flannel Long Skirt – pinterest.dk.com

If you are a feminine person, you can try this flannel skirt. Skirt with a midi cut that you can wear when going to campus. You can combine it with a neutral t-shirt or a minimalist design blouse which is then complemented by London-style oxford shoes. For those of you who like Harajuku style, you can guide the flannel skirt with stockings which of course are still wearable to wear to campus. That way, your style will look effortlessly preppy.

6. Oversized Blazer Patterned Flannel

Flanner Blazer
Flanner Blazer – shoptagr.com

One more item that you must have because of its timeless nature is an oversized flannel-patterned blazer. You can use this flannel patterned blazer combined with a crop top and culottes pants.

Well, that’s some outfits of flannel that you should know about. You can use these outfits when going to campus or hang out with friends. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Men’s Chino Colors visit here.


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