20 Top Vintage Wedding Dress Collections For Pretty Bridal Inspirations

A wedding day is a historical day in your life. Of course, all must be well planned, including wedding dresses. By the wedding day, the bride and groom usually get a shadow of what kind of clothing they will wear on this special sacred day. Of the many choices, generally, the clothes chosen will be adjusted to the theme of the party being held.

One style that we can apply in our marriage is the Vintage Style. The theme “Vintage” is an inspiration in cutting, application, and color used in wedding dresses, presented in a modern taste with an old-fashioned and classic touch. Vintage wedding dresses are one concept of a dress that will not get crushed by the times. This concept has proven that as time goes by, vintage themes still get a lot of attention from the bride and groom. Those who want to use vintage-inspired wedding dresses are those who want to have an elegant and classic wedding.

Vintage Wedding Dress Collections
Vintage Wedding Dress Collections

Besides looking cute and stylish, this 20-50’s fashion style also tends to be more practical and comfortable to wear because the dress is on average with a slender cut to look heavy or bulging. For those of you who are interested in appearing in bling-bling, luxurious yet still look beautiful and elegant.

The clothing of the 20s was closely accented with lively flares, lace, feathers, and tassel. Headpiece or headdress is a kind of iconic accessory that must be added to vintage clothing or 20s style. Not a crown, but a headband with pearl accents, beads, precious stones or faux fur. In addition to the headband, pearl necklaces that are stacked like this become one of the fashion items that are characteristic of fashionable 1920s fashion.

Well, for those of you who want to hold a wedding using a different dress, you can try this vintage style. Your appearance will look pretty elegant. You don’t need to worry, we will provide a collection of vintage style wedding dresses that you can try.

20 Top Vintage Wedding Dress Collections For Pretty Bridal Inspirations

Dresses for Wedding
Dresses for Wedding – pinterest.fr.com
Gatsby Gown
Gatsby Gown – tr.pinterest.com
Italian Vintage Wedding Dresses
Italian Vintage Wedding Dresses – ww66.droots.co.uk.com
Lace Bridal Gown
Lace Bridal Gown – ambon.go.id.com
Long Sleeve Wedding Dress
Long Sleeve Wedding Dress – cz.pinterest.com
Luxury Vintage Wedding Dress
Luxury Vintage Wedding Dress – luxurybrides.net.com
Tulle Vintage Wedding
Tulle Vintage Wedding – pinterest.com.au.com
Victorian Wedding
Victorian Wedding – boards.weddingbee.com
Vintage Bride
Vintage Bride – thegudeer.com
Vintage Dress
Vintage Dress – pinterest.com
Vintage Formal Wedding
Vintage Formal Wedding – pinterest.com.au.com
Vintage Gowns
Vintage Gowns – tr.pinterest.com
Vintage Inspired
Vintage Inspired – rock-cafe.info.com
Vintage Wedding Inspired
Vintage Wedding Inspired – pinterest.fr.com
Wedding Dress Art
Wedding Dress Art – pinterest.ph.com
Wedding Dress Pink
Wedding Dress Pink – stillwhite.co.uk.com
Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress – www.pinterest.ru.com
Wedding Gown
Wedding Gown – in.pinterest.com
Wedding Ideas
Wedding Ideas – weddy.club.com
Wedding Look Inspired
Wedding Look Inspired – pinterest.com.au.com

How ladies, interested in using this vintage style. If so, you can try the ideas we gave. Hopefully, this idea inspiring. If you want to read another article from us about Green Coffin Nail Art Ideas visit here.


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