13 Cool Men’s Kurta Suit Ideas For A Casual Look at Weddings

Fashion trends are increasingly growing and popular. One fashion item that is currently popular is Kurta. Where this item is one of the popular items and much in demand if you are getting bored with fashion that’s all. You can start trying this type of suit on various occasions. Ranging from casual to formal like a wedding.

Kurta is traditional clothing that is commonly worn in Eastern countries such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, to Sri Lanka and so on. Kurta has the characteristics of his loose clothing and the length of the shirt that reaches the knee.

The word “kurta” is a word that comes from Urdu or Persian. Which means clothes cut without a collared shirt, with length to the knee. Kurta pieces are also loose and straight from shoulder to hip. The wrist is also made loose, without cuffs like a shirt. Fabric for kurta is also diverse, such as cotton, silk, voile, jute, khadi, and city. Because it is part of ethnic clothing, there are various kurtas depending on the design and fabric used.

Men's Ethnic Wear
Men’s Ethnic Wear – shreedesignersaree.com

In his home country, kurtas are worn by men and women together with churidar, a kind of body fitting pants and a salwar shaped like Aladdin pants. But nowadays, more and more young people are wearing kurtas with jeans. You can also combine it with pajamas or dhotis. This kurta is also commonly used in daily activities at home or in informal events such as weddings. Even men wear kurtas while working. However, many also use Kurta pajamas to sleep. A popular type of kurta in India is Hyderabadi Kurta, a V-neck intersection with thick textured and ethnic motifs.

The hallmark of the kurta lies in the shape of its sleeves which do not narrow like most Western-style shirts but are loose and straight up to the wrists. There is no button that allows more flexible user movement. The traditional kurta is not collared and the division is usually centered on the chest. However, modern kurta is transformed by wearing an upright collar called the Nehru collar.

Well, if you are interested in being different in your appearance, you can try using this kurta at various events. We will help thereby giving some ideas about kurta suits for men.

13 Cool

Men’s Kurta Suit Ideas

For A Casual Look at Weddings

Formal Wear India Men
Formal Wear India Men – shreedesignersaree.com
Gold Brown Kurta Suit
Gold Brown Kurta Suit – pinterest.co.uk.com
Indian Men's Traditional Wear
Indian Men’s Traditional Wear – pinterest.co.uk.com
Indian Men's Wear
Indian Men’s Wear – pinterest.com
Indian Pattern
Indian Pattern – pinterest.nz.com
Kurta Men's
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Kurta Pajama
Kurta Pajama – menstylefashion.com
Kurta Suits
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Men Kurta Wedding Design
Men Kurta Wedding Design – shreedesignersaree.com
Men's Ethnic Wear
Men’s Ethnic Wear – shreedesignersaree.com
Men's Kurta Suit
Men’s Kurta Suit – shreedesignersaree.com
Models Kurta
Models Kurta – pinterest.nz.com
Rayon Kurta Suit
Rayon Kurta Suit – pinterest.nz.com

How about guys, interested in trying this kurta suit. If so, you can try the ideas we gave. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Summer Makeup Trend for 2020 visit here.

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