12 Outfits You Can Mix and Match With Flared Pants To Bring Out Your Retro Impression

Various models of pants again adorn the runway stage to display streetwear style. One of them is flare pants that appeared in the 70s and boomed in the 90s. Flare pants are long pants that have a wide shape at the bottom. This is a strong characteristic of flare pants. These pants are quite popular among people who like the retro style. Many of the benefits of wearing this type of pants one of which is to make the wearer’s feet become tall and look high.

In addition to a retro look, these pants are also flexible enough to be worn at various events ranging from casual events to semi-formal events and outfits that can be easily combined with a variety of other superiors. The look of the timeless hits makes this type of pants have a lot of fans. Through modern pieces with a blend of innovative injection and classic style, flare pants managed to become one of the must-have items for this season.

To get the look you want, it’s a good idea to combine flare pants with outfits that exactly match the event you’re going to attend. Well, here we provide some unified inspiration and matching flared pants with various outfits that you can try.

12 Outfits You Can Mix and Match With Flared Pants To Bring Out Your Retro Impression

1. Charming Look in Summer

For a charming appearance, you can combine flared pants with tops that have an open look like a crop top, long sleeve off shoulder shirt or t-shirt. Apart from making your legs longer, this look will also make you look slimmer.

Crop Top
Crop Top – pinterest.nz.com
Off Shoulder Shirt
Off Shoulder Shirt – jessduffyx.blogspot.com
T Shirt with Flared Pants
T-Shirt with Flared Pants – pinterest.at.com

2. Casual Look

For a casual look, you can combine these pants with various outfits, but the most suitable outfits are a shirt or blouse. In addition to going to the office, this display also looks cool when you want to hang out after work.

Blouse – pinterest.com.mx.com
Shirt with Flared Pants
Shirt with Flared Pants – pinterest.co.uk.com
V Neck Shirt
V-Neck Shirt – ksistyle.com

3. Lovely Look

This look is the most classic appearance for flared pants. But this look can make you look strong with a retro look. You can combine flared pants with a turtle neck shirt or long sleeve shirt.

Turtle Neck
Turtle Neck – pinterest.ie.com
Long Sleeve Shirt
Long Sleeve Shirt – pinterest.co.uk.com

4 Semi-Formal Look With Outer

Besides making you feel warm, outer can also make you look stylish. Of course with a suitable look. Like combining flared pants with several outer like a blazer, leather jacket, cardigan, and denim jacket.

Blazer with Flared Pants
Blazer with Flared Pants – looksgud.in.com
Cardigan – wheretoget.it.com
Denim Jacket
Denim Jacket – pinterest.se.com
Leather Jacket
Leather Jacket – lulus.com

Those are some outfits that you can match with flared pants to get the look you want and in accordance with the event, you attended. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read other articles from us about Men’s Wedding Ring Models Collections visit here.

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