12 Cool Men’s Solid Color Long Sleeve Shirt Ideas

To give a neat impression does not make a shirt can only be used for formal events only. Currently, there are many shirts that can be used for daily activities with various choices of motifs and colors. Like a shirt with a plaid motif. But if you don’t like shirts with busy motifs, you can try one of the shirts with only one motif and one color. One shirt that you can try to wear for various events such as going to the office or casual events is a long-sleeved shirt with a solid color.

Solid color is the color given to an object in the form of just one color. Clothes with solid colors can make the body look slimmer. The neutral impression in it makes this outfit more easily combined with a variety of motifs and colors. But solid colors can also be colors that will neutralize our bodies to make them look fuller, especially for men.

Solid colors such as black, gray, white, brown or blue are very good to make a fuller impression on the wearer, especially men. Even though your body is thin and looks very small, solid colors can be a kind of solution to be able to give a fuller impression. You can try on a long sleeve shirt with a solid slim fit or body fit. That way, your body will look full and solid. You can also save money with a shirt that you have that you can use at various events.

Men's Solid Color Long Sleeve Shirt Ideas
Men’s Solid Color Long Sleeve Shirt Ideas

You can mix a solid shirt with a variety of other outfits, such as suits, cardigans, sweaters or coats. You can also combine them with denim jackets in reverse colors. Like a baby blue denim jacket with a neutral or dark-colored shirt. This will make your appearance seem relaxed but also neat. In addition, you can also combine it with various types of pants, ranging from material pants, jeans, to chino pants.

Well, for you men, we will give you ideas of solid long-sleeved shirts that you can try when going to an event whether formal or casual.

12 Cool Men’s Solid Color Long Sleeve Shirt Ideas

Formal Shirt Men
Formal Shirt Men – pinterest.ru.com
Long Sleeve Solid
Long Sleeve Solid – tangoos.com
Men Casual Dress Shirt
Men Casual Dress Shirt – tr.pinterest.com
Men Casual Shirt
Men Casual Shirt – m.alibaba.com
Men Fashion Clothing Formal
Men Fashion Clothing Formal – pinterest.es.com
Men Shirt Button
Men Shirt Button – medyablok.com
Men Solid Color Long Sleeved Shirt
Men Solid Color Long-Sleeved Shirt – m.gearbest.com
Men's Fashion Shirt
Men’s Fashion Shirt – thatsit.me.com
Men's Shirt
Men’s Shirt – alibaba.com
Men's Solid Color Shirt
Men’s Solid Color Shirt – us.gearbest.com
Sky Blue Shirt
Sky Blue Shirt – arteeshirt.com
Slim Shirt Solid
Slim Shirt Solid – tumarzo.com

That is, solid color long sleeve shirt ideas for men that you can try. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about the Most Popular Men ‘s Casual Outfits Ideas visit here.

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