12 Chic Mercury Glass Centerpiece Ideas for Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding Centerpiece usually on each table as decoration or as decoration at a wedding. The centerpiece is one of the decorations that are usually placed on the table of guests and has the function to decorate and enhance the appearance of the table so it does not look plain and boring. Not only that, but the centerpiece also functions as a focal point, especially at the dining table, so that it can attract everyone’s view. This is very important in the arrangement of the table, especially on your wedding day.

The right centerpieces can liven up your room or wedding table. Some centerpieces are commonly used such as flower vases, candle holders to wedding souvenirs. The choice of a vase and the color or type of flower must be done carefully, otherwise, the centerpieces can look unbalanced and not as beautiful as they should be.

Mercury Glass Centerpiece Ideas
Mercury Glass Centerpiece Ideas

The ideas and centerpiece material itself varies according to the theme of a wedding being applied. When we take the rustic theme at a wedding, the centerpiece used is usually made of wood or bamboo. But if the wedding theme taken is a luxurious wedding theme, then usually the chosen centerpiece is made of glass so that the atmosphere of the wedding is more luxurious and will make everyone amazed when they see it.

The selection of the glass centerpiece is also done according to the theme and color chosen. In addition, the centerpiece function is also adjusted. You can use the centerpiece made of glass like a flower vase, a candle holder to a decoration on another table.

Well, for those of you who are confused about choosing the right centerpiece for your wedding, don’t worry, because we will give you a wedding centerpiece idea that is made of glass that will make your wedding more stunning.

12 Chic Mercury Glass Centerpiece Ideas for Wedding Table Decorations

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Those are some centerpiece ideas that you can try. Hopefully inspire. If you want to read another article from us about Wedding Lighting Decorations Ideas visit here.


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